Why Paul Mampilly Has His Investing Eye On The Internet Of Things

Profits Unlimited is a newsletter targeted at helping average investors know which individual stocks to invest in. The person behind this newsletter, Paul Mampilly, put out an ad for his newsletter detailing a tech stock worth $7. He said his forecasts showed that the stock would increase by 8,000% in value due to what he called one of the all-time best innovations in the industry.

The teaser for Profit Unlimited that Paul Mampilly put together was about the “Internet of Things”, the concept that all sorts of devices will soon be able to talk to each other over the internet. It’s an idea that is already impacting people and businesses around the world. With digital sensors being hooked up to everything from thermostats to plane engines to traffic signals it’s going to revolutionize the world once it gets really rolling.

Profits Unlimited is Paul Mampilly’s current newsletter. He publishes through Banyan Hill Publishing. In the past, he had other newsletters through other publishers. This includes FDA Trader which he wrote for Agora Financial and for Stansberry he published Professional Speculator. The focus of Profits Unlimited is on those who are “entry level” when it comes to investing and need things explained in a non-jargonish way.

As Paul Mampilly explains to readers, in order for an Internet of Things device to work it has to have a specific piece of software. These devices have what is called MEMS in them which are really tiny sensors. He says that if you get your money into the right sensor company you can make a fortune.

Paul Mampilly says that there are a number of companies in this sector, both big and small. The one he has his eyes on is STMicroelectronics. Most other investors were steering clear of this company when he started recommending that his readers buy it because their stock performance for the prior 20 years had been pretty bad. However, he was right because the company is now forecasting profit margins of 35% and even better performance is now expected in the future.

Beyond writing investing newsletters Paul Mampilly had worked on Wall Street for several years. He decided to shift his focus from helping the already obscenely wealthy get even richer to instead helping people on Main Street invest their money. He says that this is far more gratifying to him than working on Wall Street had ever been.

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