Video Visitation Technology Bridging Distances Between Loved Ones

Video visitation is becoming more popular in today’s world due to the changing needs in the society. Family members are brought together and can feel togetherness that they are deprived by the distance between them. The video visitation is clear representation of parents who would always want to be part of their children’s lives no matter the distance.


In the video visitation, we see a close daughter-father relationship and interaction that is not shaken by the distance between the two. The father helps his daughter do his homework interactively so as to ensure he is not left out in her education life. He also gives career advice and counseling as most parents should and he is hopeful that his daughter will follow his career path which is graphic design. The young girl gets encouragement and is also made aware of her talents during the video visitation Through Securus video visitation, a parent is capable of monitoring their children’s physical and mental growth closely.


About Securus Technology

 Securus technology was founded in 1986 with its headquarters in Dallas Texas. For 30 years it has proven relevant and efficient in serving correction facilities and families in 48 states in Canada and United states. It brings the inmates and their families together through communication. Their services are meant to offer adequate communication at affordable costs as well as save the time that is consumed when jail visits are scheduled. It has a 24/7 call center and technical team that is well operational. So far it is one of the largest in the video call industry and has got over 1, 300 associates nationwide.


Securus technology offers affordable first hand voice call services, video call services and email services. Securus video visitation services are convenient as it can be done from once comfort. The individual can pre-schedule their video visitation to match up their time of convenience. Securus have got different phone services that are meant to suite each and every one’s needs. They are namely direct bill, advance connect, traditional collect and inmate debit. These services have different costs and have different benefits but are all affordable. Their mailing services are up-to-date and very efficient. They have no waiting time and can be accessed 24/7. It also got notification for all the received and rejected mails. The jail voicemail service is another service they offer that is meant to serve persons whose schedule cannot match the ones of their loved once. For the last 30 years of service, this company has done an amazing job in connecting families and friends.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.