Savvy Investment Expert Exposes Airbnb Flaws

There is an exorbitant amount of potential capital ripe for eager individuals looking to benefit from the time-tested housing market. Thus, it is no surprise that the popular trend of private property rentals has emerged in the tech age through middleman Airbnb. Unfortunately, most consumers are unaware of Airbnb’s crucial flaws that can turn a quick buck into a serious headache.

The tenant is a sporadically dynamic variable, a random representation of American demographics walking through the threshold into an Airbnb owner’s treasured property. While most citizens are competent and well-meaning, it takes but one outlier to break the trust and create a situation that will quickly spiral out of control. Ironically, simple property damage would lead an owner in the current system to breathe a relative sigh of relief; the owner is legally held to a wide umbrella of liability including theft, illegal activity, and costly, nerve-wrecking lawsuits arising thereof. Furthermore, homeowner’s insurance does not cover the sort-term renting that digital services facilitate, leaving Airbnb listed property owners severely unprotected.

Fortunately, Wealth Solutions, Inc. visionary Richard Blair has the answer for men and women of action in this newly broadened and streamlined yet reliable market. If owners wish to rent out property despite the aforementioned risks, they must seek out a professional. While it may seem tempting to tackle the issue head on and research the field, the realm of insurance and wealth investment is incredibly broad and complicated. An owner with a robust mind is capable of learning the language of insurance and investment at the expense of time. However the effort would prove fruitless practically; just as language is rendered useless without coherent speech bred by years of experience, investment theory only holds true utility in the hands of a seasoned professional.

With 22 years of experience and success, Richard Blair is a unique player. Blair works to understand the needs of any client, over and above standard efforts. Although Blair formed his unmatchable perspective from the combined needs of clients over decades, he ceaselessly strives to provide his high-profile customers with the best possible solutions by performing scrupulous research of his ever-growing data collection. It’s no wonder that Blair’s company, Wealth Solutions, is leading the industry in quality when providing clients with novel innovation to secure financial stability and ensure a safe and comfortable retirement that any taxpayer would be proud to showcase as representation of a wholesome, respectable life.