Samuel Strauch: Miami a prime real estate investment area

The housing sector in the U.S has been in a slump, but recently, it has started to show signs of improvement. This new situation has been good news to sellers who are waiting to dispose of their properties. The market has made it favorable for real estate investors to join the market in the hope of making lucrative deals. For some time, the market has experienced slow growth with investors opting to hold their money.

The housing sector in the United States have received huge investments from the Mexican tycoons who are looking to grow their capital in the U.S. with the recent improvements, one area that has benefited from the growth is Miami. Miami is a fertile area for real estate investors in the United States. For the investors, real estate property has excellent returns, and for homeowners, it is a beautiful area to live. Miami is one of the best holiday destination in the United States.

Samuel Strauch is a real estate agent in Miami. He provides real estate services to investors and homeowners looking to own some property in the area. He has been in the real estate sector for over 14 years now.

Samuel Strauch says that he was attracted to invest in the Miami real estate sector by two factors. One, he says that there was a wave of new property development in the areas and secondly the area was transforming from a vacation town into a beach Metropolis.

About Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch studied at Hofstra University, New York. He obtained a degree in business. Samuel Strauch also studies in other universities that include the Harvard University and Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

Samuel Strauch started his career in the real estate sector after completing his undergraduate degree. He used to work in his family-owned real estate business in Florida. Strauch created his first company in 2002. He has maintained this company till today and has over the years established it as a go-to company in Miami for real estate services. He has also grown the company in such a way that he has penetrated the Latin America market. His company is known as Metrik Real Estate Company. The company offers real estate services such as equity sourcing, management, acquisitions, brokerage and development of real estate property in South Florida. For more info about us: click here.

Apart from his investments in the real estate sector, Samuel Strauch has other investments such in the internet and hotelier sectors. His hobby is in photography and art.