Reliable Report by Squaw Valley Concerning Upper Mountain Water Quality

Although there are the claims made against the quality of Squaw Valley upper mountain water, it is important to understand that Squaw Valley addressed the issue immediately. From the findings, contamination arose as a result of abnormally heavy downpours that affected the entire Placer County area. However, the issue only touched on some advanced water system that had been installed during summer, implying that there are no chances that polluted water reached the public at any point. Precisely, the backlog issue affected High Camp and Gold Coast.


Steps Taken by Squaw Valley to Confront the Problem


Squaw Valley has a tendency of routinely testing their water, and that is why they discovered the problem immediately, after which they reported to Placer County Environmental Health. They also went on to report to Squaw Valley Public Service District for assistance. The statement they gave was after consulting with professionals in water safety. Since then, they have closed their supply around High Camp or Gold Coast until the issue gets fully resolved.


Why the Statement Given is Dependable


The water suppliers in question are highly professional in their dealings. Looking at how they handled the issue, you conclude that their customer’s safety is paramount to them. Much as the issue affected their systems, they are still able to supply bottled water to their clients at no charge. Their guests have nothing to lose as there is access to their facilities. These water suppliers are to keep their customers in the loop on the progress as they liaise with health officials.




As it is, since the raising of the concern, constant treatment has been done to correct the issue. As at present, E. coli bacteria are no longer existent in the water. The low level of coliform should also not last long as intense treatment is still in the process. Good enough, specialists have not diagnosed anyone for ailments prompted by polluted water. Consumption will resume as soon as guaranteed results of absenteeism of either bacteria are confirmed. The technicians and health officials who are handling the issue are highly professional.