Raj Fernando is an Example of a Creative Leader

Raj Fernando is one of the individuals in Chicago that have every ingredient needed to make a good entrepreneur. He has the tenacity to push through crucible obstacles, passion for what he does and tolerance of ambiguity, which are key values of a true entrepreneur. Working in a city characterized by healthy and diverse ecosystem, Fernando has built a name for himself as a self-made multi-million investor who worked his way from the bottom all the way to the top of entrepreneurship hierarchy.

Raj Fernando’s love for business started two decades ago as a young man who was trying to identify his passion in life. He began as a trader on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange before moving to Chicago Board of Trade. He was enrolled to CBOT as a member, a position that he still cherishes today. In 2002, he founded Chopper Trading, a company that trades on capital in the biggest global exchange platforms such as CME, Eurex and ICE. He later started Scouthead.com to offer surveys and reviews for people and organizations in early 2016.

Mr Fernando’s exemplary career as a businessman earned him admiration from high profile individuals including Hillary Clinton. In 2011, he was appointed to the State Department International Board. He is also a philanthropic individual who takes his time to share with the unfortunate in the society. He is well known for many humanitarian efforts in Chicago. He is an active participant and a member of Chicago Symphony Orchestra, an organization that relies on donors and volunteers to deliver musical experience in Chicago and beyond. He is also an active fundraiser for Democratic campaigns. He contributed towards re-election of Barrack Obama in 2012 and has donated to the Clinton Foundation several times.

Raj Fernando is a graduate of Beloit College where he gained the intelligence and skills needed to become a creative and productive character in the society. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics and history.

Individuals like Raj Fernando are crucial for companies that are looking for creative, highly adaptable and understanding leaders to steer them to greater heights in the business ladder. Fernando is available on Facebook and Twitter. He also has a website where he shares his ideas.