What Makes A Leader?

What does it take to make it in the world of finance? Leadership skills to effectively and efficiently direct a team; a personality people can trust; the experience to make the right financial decisions; the creativity and brain power to find solutions, and work towards your company’s goals. There is no single recipe for a successful leader, but those who embody a little of the above are likely primed for success. People such as Brian Bonar.

Brian Bonar is a renowned American financial executive, based in San Diego, California.

Brain Bonar began his college career at James Watt Technical College, where he received his Bachelor’s in Technical Engineering. Bonar then went on to Stafford University where he earned his Masters in Mechanical Engineering

Soon after leaving college, Bonar began working for various companies, beginning with IBM as a Procurement Manager, then as the Director of Engineering for QMS where he gained valuable leadership experience as the manager of over 100 employees.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar continued to pick up experience as the Sales Manager for Adaptec, moving on to work for various other companies, gathering valuable experience and credentials, eventually starting his own company, Bezier Systems.

Even after creating his own company, Bonar continued to work in other companies, eventually finding significant success at Dalrada Financial Industries, where he served as Manager

With an enormously varied background, and much hard work, today, Brian Bonar is considered a leader in the world of finance and business, and that comes as no surprise when one considers that Mr. Bonar is associated with no less than 17 distinct companies, and is currently the leader of successful HR resource company, Trucept Incorporated.

Trucept Incorporated is a company which offers a wide variety of Human Resource and financial resources to small and medium size businesses, allowing the business to focus more effectively on their own projected growth and business goals.

At Trucept, Inc, Brain Bonar wears a multitude of hats, including President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Director.

With Mr Bonar’s guidance, Trucept Inc is now one of the leading providers of Human Resources in the industry, and has worked with over 900 small businesses, enabling them to reach their potential.

Brian Bonar specializes in the mergers and acquisitions of the business and financial world, which makes his technical background both interesting and unexpectedly valuable as it informs his approach.

Applying the the precision of the Engineer, with the creativity and adaptability of a well versed leader of people. He is able to look at business systematically; efficiently directing people as he sees exactly where they fit into the greater scheme of things.

How the UK Vintners Can Help You to Choose the Best British Wines

If you are not a seasoned buyer, buying wine is fraught with pitfalls. With thousands of wine bottles to choose from, most of which are in the satisfactory category, buyers are likely to be confused. Articles about wine are always ambiguous and none hits the nail on the head.

Most focus on cocktails and the blends that match particular foods and diets. As such, the general public knows very little about wine and its origin. The lack of knowledge on this issue makes it quite difficult to choose the ideal bottle of wine. The key to making an informed decision is to visit a wine cellar and talk to the connoisseur.

The Role of a UK Vintner

In the UK, the wine vintners have a vast array of skills that can come in handy in the winemaking process. The quality of wine depends on the nature of the grapes. In retrospect, the quality of the grapes depend on the nature of the vineyards. The UK vintners know how to select the choicest grapes to ensure that the wine enthusiasts get the wine they deserve. Wine has to meet the international standards when it comes to quality. In addition, the winemakers have to be consistent in their work. Such consistency allows the customers to identify their favorite brands by tasting the wine.

How to Buy Wine in the UK

If you want to buy wine in the UK, you have to decide what you want from the beginning. If you go to the wine cellar without the slightest idea of what you want, the broad range of bottles can make your head to spin. At the very least, the UK Vintners recommend that you have an idea of what you need in terms of origin. The British vintners categorize the wines by their origin, and you will find the best brands from the UK, Chile, South Africa, Italy, and Spain. Another way to identify your favorite brand is to decide on the color. If you are looking for the red wine from Chile, your connoisseur will have an easier time when picking a variety of brands for you to try.

Following the expertise of the UK Vintners, the British wine market has thousands of options at your disposal. If you do not have a favorite brand already, get as much information as possible from the wine cellar. Whether you are buying from the cellar or shopping online for wine, getting the pertinent information about the winemaking process is critical to making an informed decision.

Click here to learn more about UK Vintners PLC.

Securus Technologies Makes the Christmas Video Visit Quite Convenient

Christmas, if you have a big family, can be quite exhausting. There may be a lot of running around to do. There are people that are going to be running from one location to the next. No one wants to go by a prison for the holidays though. This is just a dreadful holiday outing. I would much rather conduct a visit that I have through a video visitation app. It has become rather easy for me to make a couple of visits all in the same day by using the Securus video vistation software. I had not heard of this software before, but it has quickly became something that I learned about it.


Securus Technologies is a company that has certainly helped me see the benefits of using a company like this to improve communication. I wasn’t always in a place where I wanted to communicate with friends that I had on in the inside of the prison. I used to go to the prison and visit, but there was an incident that occurred during a visit that made me rethink visiting prisons altogether. I was at a point where I just didn’t think that I would want to go back to a prison, but Securus came along. I discovered that this was video visitation software that was just as good as being their in the physical.


I think that Securus has made it possible for many people that may have hangups about going to prison to still get that holiday visit in. What I have done over time is save my video visitations for holidays. That makes it seem even more special. I also use Securus because this company has other things like jail voice mail and 800 numbers that you can set up for collect calls. I used these services through the rest of the year, but I make sure that I schedule the video visitation during the Christmas holidays. That is where I know that I can bring a great amount of pleasure to my family that is locked away on the inside.


The prison system can be very cruel. People that are not accustomed to being on the inside can find themselves feeling very depressed during the holidays. That is why I make sure that I reach out and engage in a video visit during the holidays. That is the least that I can do.


How EOS Achieved Success With Their Female Market

EOS lip balm started as just a small startup selling under one million units in their first year, and now is selling one million units per week. Over seven years they have seen such a great deal of success. How did they get the ball rolling?

EOS centers around all natural lip balm, https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/lip-balm.html, but their real success was in brand design and packaging. Their packaging allowed consumers to apply lip balm without getting their fingers sticky, and the twist open and close spherical shape of the pod fits just so in the palm of the hand. The brightly colored spheres look modern in a world full of tubes, and women love the accessible $3 price point on Well.

The men who founded and still run this company sought to fulfill what women felt was lacking in the lip balm aisle. They knew women were looking for a product they could apply sans fingers, and they wanted something to enliven their daily beauty routine, and EOS listened and delivered. They also marketed to the millennial woman through Facebook and other social media platforms they knew she would be accessing. Putting the product in the hands of beauty bloggers who promoted top selling products was a marketing success. They also promoted their product by putting it in the hands of celebrities who are part of the millennial generation. Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian are just a few household names that were using the product on tour, in music videos, and in their daily lives being photographed by the paparazzi.

Early on, the brand really put their startup expertise to work by investing in their own manufacturing costs to cut out the middle man, keep budgeting costs down and meet demand. Their insight early on allowed for their marketing success later, and today they are thriving.

Product Link: https://www.amazon.com/Organic-Smooth-Strawberry-Passion-Honeydew/dp/B009QTDYYA

Leader of the Pack – Project Manager Christanna Bevin

If you are looking for that diamond in the rough project manager, look no further. Christanna Bevin is a specialist in project management. Her background and experience have shaped her views and how she tackles projects in addition to how she interacts with people. The focus on results she brings to the table gives her the ability to excel.

Christanna has a Master of Business Administration from Australian Institute of Business. She has worked her way up through the workforce chain. Her thirteen years experience started off as a site administrator at Stork. In 2006, she focused on building her project management abilities as a project control and commercial specialist. She worked with customers to ensure a high level of satisfaction was being met. Being very organized she developed specific control procedures to help standardize across different customer service specialists. The core part of her experience come in these years where her title was a project service or project control. While working in these positions she worked in Australia as well as other countries. Christanna worked for over one year in Laos where she had to work cross-culturally and enable people to do their jobs. She developed qualifications for other suppliers and opened the door to more suppliers being evaluated. She has mostly reviewed a project in Australia for greenfield coals project upwards of $700M.

Christanna Bevin is a highly motivated individual, who has the cross-cultural and cross-functional experience to continue excelling as a project manager. Her communication skills both oral and written are excellent. Her energy and flexibility allow her to work with others and achieving the common goal for the client.

[email protected] Media: www.facebook.com/chris.bevin

Cotemar forced to slash jobs as crude prices plummet

Mexican petroleum services giant Cotemar has recently been forced to lay off unprecedented numbers of its workforce. The cuts come on the heels of an historic glut of petroleum caused in part by massive new oil field discoveries and their exploitation across North America. The layoffs span Cotemar’s entire business line, including everyone from ship captains to chefs to heavy construction workers.

Cotemar’s sole client is state-owned oil company Pemex. This one-client model makes Cotemar and its stakeholders uniquely vulnerable to the whims of the international energy markets. In this case, it was the cancellation of merely one contract that spurned the dismissal of over 2,300 employees. But as bad as this is for Cotemar, it’s nearly the same across the company’s home state of Campeche. By most estimates, over 80% of Campeche’s economic activity comes directly from the petroleum industry. This over-reliance on petro-profits can lead to serious hardships in times of energy downturns. When one Campechano household member is laid off, it often coincides with others being laid off at the same time.

All told, Pemex has decommissioned two major oil rigs and plans to remove another three from its fleet in the near future. Servicing these rigs is the lifeblood of Cotemar’s service business and could continue to heavily impact its number of active employees into the future. A figure, widely cited by economists is that Pemex has cut over $100 billion from its operations budget in 2016 in response to the global fall of petroleum prices. Cotemar has thus warned that if these trends continue, there will be no choice but to continue the deep cuts to its employment base.

For its part, Pemex is currently facing a short-term liquidity crisis. Mexican crude is currently trading around half of the price projected by economists at the beginning of the year when its budget was being drawn up. Pemex is currently seeking emergency debt financing to stave off impending insolvency, an outcome that would spell certain doom for the many contractors, suppliers and employees who rely on the country’s largest economic sector.

About Cotemar
Founded in 1979, Cotemar is a horizontally integrated petroleum services company serving its sole client, state-owned oil monopoly Pemex. Its talented workforce is comprised of a diversity of highly skilled workers ranging from logistics experts to mechanical engineers to helicopter pilots. They also manage crew accommodations on all Mexican oil rigs, many of which have been lovingly described as “floating hotels”. For more information, please visit Cotemar.com.mx.

Brian Torchin Steering the Medical Industry to Inestimable Heights

Brian Torchin is the President and Owner of HCRC Staffing, an online resource for medical health professionals to get gainful employment opportunities and have been helping medical professionals to get jobs over the last couple of years. Mr. Torchin holds a Bachelors degree in exercise science and has diverted his business towards chiropractic medicine and manages his offices in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Florida.


With his vast experience in the industry, Brian Torchin noticed that it was difficult for medical graduates to get jobs and therefore, the goal of HCRC staffing was to help bridge the gap. The idea was to make sure that medical professional know that there is more than one way of earning in the industry. As the President of HCRC, Brian has helped many medical professionals.

His agency has been helping medical professionals through job counseling and job placement. Being one of the prominent healthcare organizations, it has helped countless numbers of doctors, nurses and other healthcare practitioners to get jobs around the world.

Besides, he has contributed a lot to ensuring that all individuals across the world can access professional health services. Through the counseling of the HCRC recruits and verifying the employees, he makes sure that clients will receive the best services from the professionals. Through his agency, a significant number of Americans have received quality healthcare in all the 50 states.

Acknowledgment by media outlets

Several media outlets have featured Brian on several medical issues. According to Simply Hired, in May 2013, the Digital Journal featured Brian Torchin in the article “Torchin staffing the global healthcare industry.” In October 2014, Wikialagoas.al.org.br wrote an article on how Brian brought chiropractic into the spotlight though the HCRC program, “your health is in safe hands.”

In the same month, Topix.com wrote an article on how Torchin has been recruiting great chiropractors. Examiner.com also wrote an article on how Brian Torchin has been satisfying the steadily growing demand for medical professionals.

Social media activities

Torchin has an active Facebook and Twitter accounts. He manages the accounts personally, and most of the tweets and updates are about the medical profession. Time to time he advertises medical vacancies in various parts of the world, especially within the United States. Through his social media accounts, hundreds of healthcare graduates have landed jobs in different states.

Professional Household Services by Handy Cleaning Company

Everyone wishes and loves to spend time in a clean, tidy and fresh home after retiring from work. Spending the whole day working may make you feel tired and it is important to have a place to sleep it off and rest. However, this may turn out to be difficult especially if you always have a busy schedule throughout the day. You do not have to worry anymore since Handy Cleaning Company has the right employees to do the work on your behalf. You can be able to get services such as cleaners, handyman, painters and even plumbers right at your doorstep.

Handy.com was in a position to increase the number of bookings every week due to their new app. Using your phone, you can easily book all the services you require and not have to visit the company itself. In this way, many people are in a position to get the services they need no matter how busy they are. You will only be required to provide information such as your location, the services you seek, the date and time you need the expert depending on your availability. The expert ill then be sent to you at the exact time you requested to ensure they do not mess up with your schedule.


Handy Cleaning Company has always been reliable in offering quality services to their clients. This is because they hire the best and qualified experts to work for them. All the employees at Handy have been checked to ensure they are perfect for the job and insured to keep them as well as the client safe while working. You will also be in a position to get your full amount back in case you were not pleased with the services. The company will also be willing to replace any broken or damaged items by the employee and ensure everything is perfect.


A New Era–David Osio and His Innovative Team Provide its Customer Base with a New App

David Osio and the Executive Directors of the prominent Davos Real Estate Group—Pablo Bausili and Gerard Gonzalez made presentation of the firm’s new app to its client base. The app is titled the “Davos CAP Calculator. The application allows the customer to easily estimate his or her return on investment, with regard to the real estate, he or she is most interested.


Davos Real Estate Group, also known as REG, is an independent company, operating under the umbrella of the Davos Financial Group. The parent company is a global financial group and a leader in the Latin American marketplace.


The company, for over twenty years, has been providing financial advice and expertise to its customers. The business’s focus is that of providing its customers with strategic forms of investments, which meet the requirements of each of its clients. It combines premium products, provides its clients with highly refined financial services, and employs a team of experienced and licensed individuals, for each of the high-quality services, it provides to its clientele.


Gerald Gonzalez, Executive Director of Davos Real Estate Group, also known as REG, has been working in partnership with Tecknolution. The alliance has worked, diligently, on the design and implementation of the new app. The app provides the client with the ability to properly estimate gain, on an investment property—that is, once expenses have been taken away.


The app was developed on that of the latest and most technologically advanced platforms. It can be made available on either the Android or iPhone devices. The app is the first of a series of apps, which will allow the customer to quickly identify real estate, by way of a customer’s mobile device. The app is able to provide the history of the property to the client’s agent, at Davos. The forwarding feature is made available by way of chat, performed on an inter-active basis.


David Osio stated that Davos REG has wished to implement a mobile app, allowing it to augment the sales process, by assisting the customer in his or her investment decision-making, inside of the U.S. market. Gerard Gonzalez made mention of the fact that the new app is highly innovative, in so much, that it will allow the real estate investor to have a picture of clarity, when making a buying decision.


The Davos CAP Calculator app, makes it possible for the customer to come to a determination as to the proper rental price to charge—if a property is of interest: offered Gonzalez. The app provides other beneficial features too: those being, a mortgage calculator, based on projections by the individual’s banking institution, the period of funding as well as the rate of interest, applied.


Davos REG has shifted focus recently. The company, during its work on the new app, has been in the stages of developing a relationship with real estate sales professionals, on a global basis. The company wishes to expand its services to Europe, and wishes to do so, by starting out with Spain.


The Davos REG is all about service. Gonzalez further offered that the company was currently working on a good many projects, in order to provide its client base with the best service possible. The company has, successfully, expanded its base of agents to more than sixty-percent. The percentage of new agents, brought on board, has caused revenues, with respect to sales, to increase well over seventy-five percent, during the first portion of 2016.


Notes Regarding David Osio:


David J. Osio is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the Davos Finanical Group of Companies. The company is located in Venezuela. Davos has been dedicated, since 1993, in providing expert financial consultation and advice to a very special customer-base. Osio has been able to accelerate the profits of the company, significantly. The growth has allowed Osio to position a number of independent entities, within other metropolitan markets, to grow, strategically. Some of the markets where market positioning has occurred include Miami, New York City, among others.


Osio began his career in 1981. It was at that time that he managed an export program wherein he shipped coffee. During this time, he was the CEO and President of the OPED Enterprise.


He next went on to a position, at Letco Commercial Companies. Here he also held an executive post. It was at Letco that Osio was able to devise several marketing programs, relative to different products, in the United States.

After his preceding successful post at Letco, Osio, in 1984, entered the field of banking law. He joined the Caracas law firm of MGO. Here, David worked on behalf of clients, such as the Ferro Corp., and Consolidated Bank.


He next was offered a lead position in the Private Banking Division at Banco Latino International (BLI), located in Miami, Florida. After two years of working at BLI, David assumed the role of Vice President of Commercial Banking.


The portfolio of the customers, increased, during his post at BLI. The increase, allowed the company, to position itself as a player within the globalized market.


Osio, afterward, formed the Davos Financial Group of Companies, in 1993. Currently, the Davos Group provides its customers with a great deal, in the way of significant financial services, and embraces social responsibility.


Osio develops each of the company’s enterprises into financial boutiques. He offers each company specialized services. He attained the preceding capability, during his tenure and training at the Swiss Bank Corp. and the American Banking Association.


Osio’s grouping of companies strives to maintain high standards of integrity. The Davos Companies work in conjunction with non-profit organizations, relative to the Arts and various areas of culture. Some of the organizations, which the Davos Companies work with include MISO-the Miami Symphony Orchestra, the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation, and more.


Osio’s charitable contributions have brought the company and Osio, much, in the form of recognition. International awards, presented to the company and Osio, include the Medal of Honor from the U.S. Congress, the South Florida Business Leaders 2009 award, Movers and Shakers—2009, Best Off-shore Corporate Service Provider (New Europe Magazine) among others.


David Osio graduated from the Catholic University located in Andres Bello, Venezuela. He holds a degree in International Banking Law (the Advanced Management Program) from Estudios Superiores de Administración IESA. Osio is currently in a leadership role at Davos.


Further information regarding David Osio is attainable by means of the following site:


About David Osio


NTC Has Happy Clients

Palm Harbor Florida’s Nationwide Title Clearing service is a company that works with people who are planning to purchase properties in that area and around the country. They work with their clients to essentially clear the titles to the properties that they are hoping to buy to ensure that there are no hidden surprises for the buyers.

The Nationwide Title Clearing Service offers their services to people who need to have the right services for their property-buying business. They produce the documents that contain information on tax liens and taxes that previous owners owed on the homes. This ensures that the buyer is not surprised by hidden aspects of the property and that they know what they are getting into before they make the actual purchase. It allows them the chance to make sure that they are doing things right before they purchase the property.

All of the clients that Nationwide Title Clearing has have been extremely satisfied with the services that they have received. This is because the company is dedicated to these clients and they always put the customer service aspect of the business before any others. It allows them the chance to gain more clients through the process of referrals and has allowed them to be successful with the clients that they already have with their business. It has given them a chance to do things that are better for each of their clients and for the way that things have worked for them.

Part of the complete customer satisfaction process is having employees who know what they are doing. The employees of Nationwide Title Clearing services are trained to know how to handle different aspects of paperwork. More importantly, they are trained in customer service. They have been taught everything that they need to know when it comes to the business and this has allowed them the chance to make sure that they are doing things right for the business. It has also allowed them the chance to show off the skills that they have with the title clearing services that they offer to their clients.

Since the employees are the key to customers satisfaction, Nationwide Title Clearing has worked hard to make sure that they are doing things right for their community and for the people that they serve. This has allowed them the chance to make sure that their employees are taken care of. Happy employees make happy customers and Nationwide Title Clearing service ensures that. The employees of Nationwide Title Clearing services have voted the company the number one to work for in Palm Harbor for several years in a row because of the way that they are able to do different things.

Learn more: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160928005963/en/NTC-Launches-Innovative-Training-Service-Offering