The Rise of EOS

When it comes to making sure that your lips are well cared for, you owe it to yourself to look into the different products available. If you have used Chapstick before, there are probably some common complaints that you will have. In this regard, you need to know that you are doing everything that you can to understand EOS and how it came to be. This is a product that was made in order to counteract some of the issues that people generally have with Chapstick. These differences have made this Lip Balm company a force to be reckoned with when it comes to keeping your lips healthy and moisturized.

The packaging is very creative

One of the main reasons that people enjoy using EOS lip balm is that it is intuitively designed. It is made into a hard cased dome shape, rather than a cylindrical container like Chapstick. This creativity allows you to make sure that you can apply it to your liking, as opposed to having it be rough and not useful.

It is very sanitary

When you need to be sure that you are able to get the most out of your lip balm, you need to be sure that you are able to keep your lips clean and healthy. By using EOS (, you will not have to worry about unsanitary conditions, and will instead be able to keep the entire packaging clean and use the lip balm to the best of your ability.

There are a lot of different flavors

One of the downfalls of chapstick is that it tastes so medical and even the flavor offerings give you a clinical feeling. The flavors of chapstick are more analogous to cough drop flavors than anything anyone would actually enjoy. This is why flavors are one of the biggest perks of EOS lip balm.

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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is the New Fashion E-Commerce Market Leaders

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has in the recent past taken the fashion e-commerce industry by storm, staging a spirited competition against veteran companies such as Amazon. The activewear firm grew exponentially into a $250 million valued enterprise within a record time of three years. This was not an easy achievement as it sounds – the company had to apply innovation at its best. To get hold of clients, the firm introduced a membership model, which once a customer subscribes; it simplifies the entire process of shopping for clothing. This was a brilliant idea in the sense that clients place aspiration and convenience ahead of all the other things. Unlike in the past when price and quality were the only parameters for the value of a commodity, these days value has more to do with design, customer loyalty, after sale services, and brand recognition. Most importantly, gamification is a fundamental business technique that an enterprise must employ to win the loyalty of a modern consumer.


Physical Stores


Fabletics is increasingly outshining its competitors due to its understanding of the modern market. As a strategy for taking services to the people, the company has been opening physical stores across the U.S. As of now; the already running offices are almost twenty, distributed in states, such as Hawaii, Florida, California, and Illinois. According to Fabletics’ M.D., Mr. Gregg Throgmartin, the company will be opening more offices in other states in the near future. In his assessment, its subscription technique is the one that has unlocked the company’s business puzzle by enabling it to offer customized services to each client. Gregg further added that the subscription method has not just brought convenience to the customers’ side, but it has also enabled Fabletics to reduce its clothing prices relative to its competitors significantly.


Reverse Showrooming


Online showrooming has been used for some time now. It involves clients browsing over commodities online and researching on them, and then stepping into a physical store to finalize their purchases. Most times, companies are disadvantaged by this approach since some clients may decide just to compare prices online and then buy cheaper commodities from competitor companies. Unlike other businesses, Fabletics managed to overturn the negatives of showrooming into positives by launching a more advantageous technique of reverse showrooming. In this technique, when clients purchase commodities in a physical store, the purchase reflects in their online carts. In this technique, the company is engaging its customers in relationship building activities where it creates a rapport with them. The immediate consequence of this is that the customers provide reliable information that the company can utilize to understand the local market. The long-term impact, on the other hand, is that most of these clients become members even before stepping their feet in a physical store.



A Customer Review


Teri Hutcheon is a blogger for A Foodie Stays Fit and a body fitness enthusiast. She has been a client at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, and therefore she can be relied upon to give an honest review of services at the company. In one of her reviews, she described Fabletic’s products as of high quality and relatively cheaper than other businesses. Her honest submission was that Fabletics is a company worth trying.

Contributions of Kevin Seawright to the Business Community

Kevin Seawright is a financial and administrative leader in the central segment of the business. He is known for his strategic approach towards the accomplishment of business goals. Today, he is the vice-president at Newark Economic Development Corporation. Among other achievements, he has reformulated business approach to the finance sector.

The new approach has consequently, led to the realization of a responsive financial division that delivers results. The prosperity of the sections drives its ability to achieve goals by aligning the technological initiatives with the current business and economic goals.

PR News Wire stated that Kevin Seawright has been instrumental in the transformation of the revenue planning corporate process. This change has worked to benefit contractors and sub-contractors in the mid-Atlantic region.

In the course of his career, Kevin Seawright has achieved several accomplishments. He has contributed to the enhancement and forecasting of organizations returns by 25 percent. His input to the solidification of Human Capital Divisions has led to the retention of staff, improved the hiring process, helped in the attainment of collective bargaining agreements, and resulted in compensation adjustments among many others.

All the above methods have contributed to improved service delivery to customers, improved standardization and enhanced efficiency at the workplace. Among all his achievements, the human capital division that led to the retention of working personnel is appealing. Each and every rule, process, or standards put in place to ensure that employees’ jobs are safe is the joy of every worker.

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation acts as a catalyst for the development of New Jersey’s city. The institution is designed to attract, spear growth, and retain businesses. It is also responsible for promoting real estate development across the city and its neighborhoods.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright is a member of this organization. Through Newark CEDC, he utilizes his professional skills to benefit the East Coast communities. He has taken part in the institution’s activities for more than 13 years.

He is responsible for the development of a business model that when adopted, lead to success in a firm. The model advocates for team inclusion, business acumen, consolidation of the government and private sector operations and outcome efficiency.

Lime Crime Diamond Crushers Add More Metallic Elements to the Makeup Company

Lime Crime makeup company is the colorful makeup company of the day. The Lime Crime makeup company sells high quality pigmented lip colors, eye liners, and eye shadows. The colorful Lime Crime makeup products are completely vegan and cruelty free.


What are the Lime Crime Diamond Crushers?

The Lime Crime Diamond Crushers are metallic lip makeup products. The Diamond Crushers are water based. This allows the Diamond Crushes to be worn over a lip color or to be worn on the lip alone. Any of the Diamond Crushers may additionally be used as a shimmery highlighter for the face.


Colors Available for Lime Crime Diamond Crushers

The Diamond Crushers top coat comes in a variety of metallic hues. The metallics have hues of mainly pinks, golds, and blues.


The Diamond Crushers available are under the names:

The Three New Diamond Crushers Colors Available

  • Cheap Thrill
  • Trip
  • Choke
  • Lit
  • Dope
  • Fluke
  • Strip



  • Black Unicorn
  • Cleopatra
  • Acid Fairy



The three new Diamond Crushers colors amp up the metallic element of any makeup game. The Black Unicorn shade has a funky oil slick appearance. The Cleopatra Diamond Crushers has a beautiful royal rose gold appearance. Acid Fairy has an acidic and Tinker Bell glimmery appearance.


Where to Find the New Diamond Crushers

You can find Diamond Crushers at the Lime Crime makeup company’s web store. The webs store is located at: The Diamond Crushers are sold for about $18 a piece and are easy to purchase from the quick online store checkout.

Troy Mcquagge Caps off 2016 With a Gold Award

Following a remarkable growth of the company, it is befitting for the company CEO to enjoy some personal success. Troy received one of the most prestigious industry awards in insurance delivery-gold winner chief executive officer of the year award by One Planet. The award comes at a time when USHEALTH is experiencing a good spell after a tumultuous period of reorganization of its products and marketing.To come out victorious in such an award shows that the journey that Troy started gets recognition even outside the country. It confirms that the company is headed in the right direction. Notable strides regarding the affordability of individual health insurance are bearing fruit with the company registering unprecedented growth in subscriptions and profitability.

The award is no mean feat. One Planet Awards honor companies for their exemplary performance in service delivery. Companies from all over the world participate in this exercise. To get shortlisted, you must show innovativeness and excellence. Even after shortlisting, one has to truly stand out among his peers to be selected.Troy joined the insurance company USHEALTH group in 2010 to help the company rebuild and re-tool its product offering. He brought in 30 years of industry experience to supplement a great team of professionals at the company. When accepting the award, he acknowledged the role the big team has played in making the company successful.Follow him on twitter:

When he received the award, Troy McQuagge confirmed to his peers that it was an honor to be a recipient of the award. He has been the president and CEO of the company since 2014, positions he has come to cherish. In a difficult time when Americans find health care funding through insurance problematic, only the most innovative ideas stand out. USHEALTH ideas stand out tall among its competitors.Mr. McQuagge is a B.A. graduate of the University of Central Florida. He graduated in 1983 and started his career at Allstate Insurance Company the same year. He has also worked with UGA, Health Markets, and United Insurance Companies Inc. Having an extensive experience helps him navigate the tough terrain currently encountered in the Obamacare era.USHEALTH group Inc. offers innovative coverage to a diverse clientele. The mission of the Texas-based company is to develop a policy that is flexible to the customers’ income and needs. They focus on self-employed people and small businesses. Mainstream providers often overlook this group of people, but Troy sees a gem in every American citizen.

Kings of Horror: Anime

It’s no secret from any list of anime that the medium doesn’t translate too well to the horror genre. After all, it’s kind of hard to be creeped out by something your mind rationalizes as drawings whenever it starts to get uncomfortable. However, there are a few anime that break this mold. Instead of attempting to provide jump scares, these anime create their horrific atmosphere through nuanced sound and fantastic writing that leaves you both unsettled and questioning. Horror anime such as Hell girl help push the boundaries of morality by presenting a question; would you sacrifice your soul to hell for the chance at revenge?

The stories in the dark anime Hell Girl tells will leave you pondering what you would do in that situation. Another anime, Monster, follows the life of a surgeon. After saving the life of a child who grows up to be a serial killer, the doctor must learn to cope with his decision. Monster forgoes gore for a tense and bleak atmosphere that seems to capture the essence of nihilism through its faded art style and haunting soundtrack. Although not as dark, Paranoia Agent shows exactly how far the medium of anime can push any genre. By providing just the right amount of quirkiness, Paranoia Agent manages to create an unsettling universe filled with characters that seem like they are just about to go over the edge of their sanity. The entire anime feels like you’re following dynamite wicks that leave you wondering which character will explode first. Horror anime is a very unique genre and you should give these few a try if you’re a fan of fear.

Brad Reifler Investing for the Future

If you want to succeed with your personal finances, you have to have a plan for the future. There are a lot of people who are excited about all of the changes that are being made in this area. Not only can people start to invest in a variety of areas to drive growth, but they can also start to develop an investing plan that makes sense for their financial needs.

If you want to start investing for the future, Reifler can help you in that area. He is a financial professional who has done a lot of great work for the future.

There are many people who are excited about the changes that are being made to the business area for regular investors. It is now easier to track your finances and investing in order to start building wealth.


When it comes to investing, few people are comfortable with developing their own plan. The stock market can be scary at times, especially in a down market. If you want to try to increase your overall levels of wealth, you have to stay consistent with your investing.

A lot of people are ready to start thinking about the future in a variety of ways with their money. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

According to Bloomberg, instead of struggling in debt with little money in the bank, Brad Reifler can help you build wealth for the future. Over the years, he has proven to understand the needs of his clients in a variety of ways. With that being said, he is one of the leading people in the world when it comes to invest and teaching others.

Future Plans

Brad Reifler has a lot of things on the horizon for his business. He is ready to start investing in a number of areas to try and drive growth for the future. If you want to take things to the next level in your personal finances, now is the time to do so.

A lot of people are excited about what is coming from this area of the economy. Brad Reifler is a great example of how to be successful in this area.

Sawyer Howitt: A Student with Advanced Experience in Finance

Sawyer Howitt is a member of the Meriweather Group, where he serves as project manager. He has always had a keen business sense, which led him to the career he has now. Though he’s currently a high school senior in the second semester, he still hopes to stay on this career track. In the fall of 2017, Sawyer Howitt will go to Columbia University to further gain experience and knowledge with a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance.

The Meriweather Group is a company that helps entrepreneurs find their way. The company offers financial and business support to help individuals achieve their goals. They maintain the ideas and voices of the entrepreneur while giving their expertise in strategies and development.

As a project manager, Sawyer is an integral part of The Meriweather Group. He works alongside father and team members to bring businesses to their full potential. Sawyer is currently a high school senior but will graduate this year. He is the son of Meriweather Founder and CEO David Howitt.

Meet Flavio Maluf: the President of an Environmentally Friendly Company

Mr. Flavio Maluf is the current President of Eucatex and has had lots of experience in the commercial world. Moreover, his advanced business skills have enabled him to run the company successfully. His educational background and expertise on have given him a distinct advantage to dominate the business world. Flavio Maluf has been a successful president of both Eucatex and GrandFood companies.

Many upcoming businesses recognize Flavio Maluf for his entrepreneurial skills. They consider consulting him for business ideas before starting their projects. He has developed an online website that provides business advice to many entrepreneurs in the corporate world. The site offers tips for succeeding in a job interview and how to perform a job efficiently.

Flavio Maluf is focused on the future of Brazil’s industries. Apart from dealing with responsibilities within the company, he also offers charitable works to help the local communities and non-profit institutions.

About Eucatex and its offerings

Eucatex is an innovative industry that uses unique materials to create new products. For example, they use Eucalyptus wood to produce sheets and panels. They make different products such as tiles and various types of paints. The firm specializes in home products and a few industrial equipment at They have served customers for over five decades, and have successfully met their needs. Most countries have benefited from Eucatex since the company exports environmentally friendly products. Flavio Maluf has done a great deal to help the company grow and advance.

Founded in 1951, the company was among the first enterprises to implement industrial and environmental regulations on Most of the existing companies did not recognize the importance of conserving the environment. However, Eucatex took the initiative to control and lessen environmental damage. They achieved this by producing healthy products. Furthermore, they have been able to make good profits despite producing environmentally safe products.

In 2010, Eucatex established a new factory located in of Salto.This was done under the management of the President. Flavio Maluf is a Bachelor’s degree holder in Mechanical Engineering from the Armando Alvares Penteado. He recently partnered with the Hospital and Maternity LANG Carli to offer philanthropic contributions to the less fortunate in the society.

Prince’s Electrifying Funeral Service At Kingdom Hall


Prince passed away at the age of 57 April 21, 2016. He was recognized by his electrifying popular songs, his sensual dance moves and with his talent to play dozens of different instruments was endless. Family, friends and saddened fans were shocked of his accidental overdose on his prescription medication.


Prince’s funeral took place at beautiful Kingdom Hall in Minnesota where he visited often. The guests arrived for this celebrity funeral by the bus loads and there were at least 50 police officers, along with two helicopters patrolling the area. The pamphlet’s from the ceremony had his “Beautiful, Loved and Blessed” quote from his famous song. Only three flower arrangements were placed in Kingdom Hall, along with a guest book for signatures of those who attended. The service was spoken about Prince’s faith and how he became a Jehovah’s witness in 2003. Following the service one of the housed nearby played one of his biggest hits “Purple Rain”.