Norman Pattiz Welcomes A New Era Of Broadcasting

Podcasts have been embraced by people far and wide as an exciting and enormously accessible new form of entertainment available via the internet. Now, many of America’s most celebrated creatives are utilizing the much celebrated web platform. While many people are currently broadcasting their own unique shows on a slew of underground stations, larger, advertiser-supported networks have emerged. The most successful of said networks is known as PodcastOne. Created and run by the brilliant and enigmatic Norman Pattiz, PodcastOne is set to introduce a new show entitled ‘Beyond the Darkness’ as part of wrestling legend Chris Jericho’s branch of programing. The exciting new show revolves around all things paranormal, and is a dream for listeners looking to educate themselves further about the supernatural. Hosts Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader are dedicated to perfecting a delightfully ghoulish new program that explores a myriad of undoubtedly entertaining and spooky mysteries with high-caliber guests and experts on everything from aliens and goblins to monsters and angels. ‘Beyond The Darkness’ is sure to further expand the already massive pre-existing fanbase of Dennis and Schrader now that their new program is featured on ‘The Jericho Network’ now thriving within the greater PodcastOne network.


This kind of programming is one of a kind and clearly a result of Norman Pattiz’s keen ear for talent, something that should not go unrecognized in this brave new world of online entertainment offering something for just about everyone. Norman Pattiz has unique, undeniable experience within the entertainment industry, having demonstrated his indisputable gift for innovation and leadership in a number of different facets. He is known widely for founding the largest radio network in the United States, Westwood One. This said network represents a tremendous wave of success within the Broadcast Industry as a whole.


Westwood One has had a hand in the management and distribution of the NFL, the NBA, CNN, NBC, CBS, in addition to the Olympic Games, both in the summer and winter. In the early aughts Norman Pattiz joined the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States, having been appointed under the Clinton administration. He continued to serve under President Bush. The importance of this organization cannot be denied. Pattiz directly lent his hand in the formation of Americas Arabic language radio, which served as entertainment to every country in the Middle East. Norman Pattiz is nothing short of a trailblazer in broadcast entertainment.