Life Line Screening’s Bone Density Test

Life Line Screening is an innovative health company that is able to offer easy, non-invasive screenings that are more thorough than the screenings you would receive from your average physician. Life Lime Screenings are an affordable, pain-free option to test for specific health concerns you may have. They also offer packages that will test for a multitude of potential health issues.

A screening can help you to catch potential healthcare problems early on and treat them before they become a major issue. Due to the fact that Life Line Screenings are incredibly thorough, you will have access to more in-depth results than you would receive traditionally. This will allow you or your loved one to treat or manage health issue early on, giving better results down the road.

Life Line Screening’s Bone Density Test

As we get older, it is not secret that bone loss can become a major issue. Many people are at risk for Osteoporosis. This condition means that the bone tissue is being lost faster than new bone is being generated. People with Osteoporosis often don’t know that they have the disease until they have a bone fracture or break. By then the disease may have advanced quite rapidly.

It is always better to try to catch Osteoporosis early on. For that reason, Life Line Screening offers a bone density test that will utilize non-invasive ultrasound to check for Osteoporosis risk. Osteoporosis screenings should be conducted annually, especially for anyone who has certain risk factors. Risk factors include: being a postmenopausal woman, heavy smoking or alcohol consumption, a diet that lacks calcium, or having a very thin physique.

Osteoporosis Symptoms include: sudden back pain, loss of height, bone fractures (spine, hip and wrist are most likely), and change in posture.

How to Prepare for your Bone Density Screening for Osteoporosis Risk
A bone density test is a very simple procedure. As mentioned above, it is completely non-invasive and will cause no pain. Your Life Line Screening professional is highly trained to answer any additional questions you may have, but below are basic guidelines prior to your Osteoporosis screening.

-You will need to remove both shoes and socks
-Don’t wear tights or pantyhose that you need to remove your pants to take off

If you think you may be at risk for Osteoporosis, simply contact Life Line Screening to set up a consultation or schedule a screening.

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