Kings of Horror: Anime

It’s no secret from any list of anime that the medium doesn’t translate too well to the horror genre. After all, it’s kind of hard to be creeped out by something your mind rationalizes as drawings whenever it starts to get uncomfortable. However, there are a few anime that break this mold. Instead of attempting to provide jump scares, these anime create their horrific atmosphere through nuanced sound and fantastic writing that leaves you both unsettled and questioning. Horror anime such as Hell girl help push the boundaries of morality by presenting a question; would you sacrifice your soul to hell for the chance at revenge?

The stories in the dark anime Hell Girl tells will leave you pondering what you would do in that situation. Another anime, Monster, follows the life of a surgeon. After saving the life of a child who grows up to be a serial killer, the doctor must learn to cope with his decision. Monster forgoes gore for a tense and bleak atmosphere that seems to capture the essence of nihilism through its faded art style and haunting soundtrack. Although not as dark, Paranoia Agent shows exactly how far the medium of anime can push any genre. By providing just the right amount of quirkiness, Paranoia Agent manages to create an unsettling universe filled with characters that seem like they are just about to go over the edge of their sanity. The entire anime feels like you’re following dynamite wicks that leave you wondering which character will explode first. Horror anime is a very unique genre and you should give these few a try if you’re a fan of fear.