InnovaCare is the Largest Provider of Managed Healthcare Services

Medicare advantage is a health insurance program of Health Maintenance Organization and Preferred Provider Organizations taken alongside or as a replacement of the traditional Medicare benefits. The original Medicare comprise part A and B. Part A provides for payments for in-patients amenities, except those of physician consultation and surgery while part B offer payments for surgery and physician consultation as well as other medically significant out-patient amenities including CT Scan, Laboratory diagnosis, X-rays and some durable medical supplies and equipment.

The distinction between the original Medicare and the Medicare advantage is that while Part A and Part B Medicare beneficiaries claim payments processed by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the beneficiaries of Medicare Advantage pay premium to commercial insurance companies. These commercial insurance companies in turn, receive compensation from the government to provide payments for Part A and Part B benefits to individual enrollees.

A Medicare advantage plan sometimes referred to as a ‘Part C’, favorably include a drug benefit plan allowing enrollees to receive drug medication as an added incentive to both Part A and Part B of the traditional Medicare plan. However, to be a beneficiary of the Medicare Advantage plan, you must have an existing Medicare Part A and Part B, you must be living within the stipulated plan’s service areas and in case you’re diagnosed with End-Stage Renal Disease, you are required to join Special Needs Plan after which you might be considered for the Medicare Advantage Plan.

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InnovaCare Health is one of the commercial insurance companies in North America, providing the Medicare Advantage plan in addition to other managed healthcare services. The company was established in 2007, to offer additional care for both Medicare beneficiaries and commercial members through innovative models.

With its two lines of care; Medicare Advantage and Provider Networks, InnovaCare Health is committed to providing quality healthcare via innovative models that are cost-effective, sustainable and comprehensively integrated with modern technologies. Their Medicare Advantage plan not only meets the medical requirement of the patients but also impact mental and emotional wellbeing. Moreover, through their Provider Network, they can connect with hospitals, physicians, enrollees, patients and employers to build physician networks that suits the interests of everyone according to Penelope Kokkinides.

Under the leadership of their highly esteemed Richard Shinto, InnovaCare is destined to be largest provider of managed healthcare amenities in United States. Dr. Rick Shinto has over 20 years’ experience in both operational and clinical healthcare.

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