How Evolution Of Smooth Became The Lip Balm Of Millennials

Taking Down Giants

The story of the lip balm startup Evolution of Smooth is the story of the millennial generation. For decades Chapstick has dominated the lip balm market without any notable challengers, but EOS has changed all of that. This startup has successfully taken over as the favorite lip balm brand of the millennial generation. Overall the EOS lip balm brand is the second best selling brand of lip balm in the country. The growth of the brand has been so exponential it is now considered the main driving force behind the increase in sales of oral care products. With the success this company has seen among young consumers it doesn’t seem as if the $250 million company is going anywhere.

The Equipment Behind The Scenes

A major reason for the success of Evolution of Smooth is the virtually complete automation of the production process. This has allowed faster production and larger profit margins in the long run. EOS does not need to worry about creating a workforce to produce its goods.

Speaking Their Language

The key to success is the way it speaks the language of millennials. Evolution of Smooth maintains a strong social media with nearly 2 million followers on Instagram and 7 million followers on Facebook. The success of EOS lip balm has inspired the company to expand into other markets. There are now EOS shaving cream products available in stores among other products outside of the lip balm that started it all. Check out the company’s website: