GTL’s inaccurate press release corrected by Securus Technologies

In a press release dated June 7, 2016, GTL made inaccurate claims concerning Securus Technologies. Securus later pointed out the incorrect information and misleading statements made by the company. Both companies have been in the correction industry for some time now. They offer their services and products to inmates. Their services range from inmate communication to inmate monitoring services. GTL accused Securus of infringing on their patents, especially during video visitation. Strangely enough, GTL insisted that Securus has been bullying its competitors to settle disputes. It insisted that Securus Technologies settled disputes only on terms favorable to them.


Securus has come out in a press release and refute all those claims. The company presented their proof in a chart that showed the number of patents they had acquired. Securus Technologies publicly display the number of pending patents and license agreements the company had entered. From the graph and analysis, it was revealed that Securus had entered into a larger number of patents. Securus was the outright winner as it had a large number of patents.


Securus Technologies is a company that has its headquarters in Dallas Texas. The company went on to insist that they have never bullied any of its competitors into entering any licenses and agreements. The company declared that they have always used their patented technologies and have never infringed GTL’s patents.


Securus Technologies made an additional clarification of other inaccurate claims. The company stated that they would continue to defend themselves against future company attacks. I also think that GTL should focus more pursuing their patent litigation. Even though it could several years and require lots of money, it is better than spending their time and money trying to tarnish Securus’ name. The whole saga puts a question to GTL and their financial goals. The company should focus more on service delivery to its clients and stop trying to tarnish its competitor companies with false information.