Exfoliating The Face

Exfoliating the face is something that you need to do on a regular basis. It helps to remove the dirt and debris that is in the pores of the face. The key to exfoliating is to use a product that is comfortable on the skin. Don’t be too rough as this can leave the face red and irritated.

Manual scrubs often work best, says Wengie. These are the apricot scrubs, micro-beads or a honey scrub. These are so easy to use and make the skin feel very nice. They are affordable and can be worked into the skin care routine at any time. They are usually done after taking a shower. Chemical exfoliants are also an option. There are AHA and BHA formulas depending on your skin type. These are best for sun-damaged or dry skin. The chemicals will melt away the dead skin and go into the pores to clean them out. You can get them in various strengths depending on how well the skin will tolerate the product. Higher ranges will literally peel the top layer of skin off of the face. Use a lower range when first applying the exfoliant. You can get these products in gels, lotions or creams. A lotion is best for oily skin.

Another method is using a natural aqua gel. It’s applied to the skin, and once it’s applied, you can start to see small pieces of dead skin begin to peel away. It’s popular in Asia and Japan. You can easily use the gel in the shower as it is water-based. This is something that you could use if you have dry or sensitive skin.


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