Eric Pulier: From Writer, To IT Developer, To Philanthropist

Eric Pulier has many gifts, including the ability to write, build computer programs, but also his passion to help other people. Pulier has been hard at work developing many programs and applications that have helped businesses change the way they run, but he also encourages people to find their own ideas of how technology could change lives. That’s what his current position as a member of the Board of Innovators at Xprize does, and this organization encourages young people to allow their wildest imaginations of a science fiction-like future to take hold in their ideas. Prior to joining Xprize, Pulier has done some great things over his career.

Eric Pulier had a busy life in college, taking classes at both Harvard and MIT. At Harvard, he majored in American and English literature, while writing columns and editing at the Harvard Crimson journal. After graduating, he went all in with computer technology, moving out to Los Angeles and starting up numerous software companies, the first of which was Digital Evolution. This company eventually changed its name to US Interactive, LLC and following this company, Pulier founded some cloud and business management companies including Akana, Desktone, Media Platform, and ServiceMesh.

Pulier has always taken a keen interest in both social causes and politics, and he got involved in the Clinton Global Initiative, former President Bill Clinton’s non-profit company that endeavors to effect change in other countries through food supply, healthcare, and environmental awareness. He had formed a close relationship with the former president, that he was even asked to head up the Presidential Technology Exhibit’s Bridge to the 21st Century show. In this event, Pulier showed what would happen in the future when Americans started using new household and workplace technology.

Pulier has also made philanthropy, especially for healthcare a big passion of his. His Starbright World program in 1998 gave diabetic and chronically ill children a chance to see how they could fight the diseases, and they got a unique 3D virtual reality experience while taking part in it. Today Pulier still continues this endeavor as a membere of the Painted Turtle, a summer camp that provides fun for children with disabilities.