David Osio And The New Real Estate Investment App

Many people want to enter the real estate market, whether it be for investment purposes, a place for their family, or somewhere to stay while at college. However, the market is not the most predictable and takes quite a chunk of money to place a holding within it. For these reasons it is hard for people to make an investment that they are certain about and also have the capital to back it up. Along with this, the technology and services needed to gain this information are usually out of the hands of most investors making this task a very difficult one.

David Osio feels that this way of the real estate market is unfair, which is why his executive team and him at Davos Real Estate Group have worked tirelessly to make this information available for everyone. The team has worked together to develop the company’s next step to making their data available to their clients at all times through their smartphones. The new project was the app Davos CAP Calculator, which shows clients an estimate on returns of certain real estate investments they are interested in. Through this new kind of technology, the company hopes to help its clients see exactly what they are looking at when planning investment financials. It also teaches them to track the market, which in turn helps them to make the right decisions in the future with their money. On top of all this, the app will be able to help clients plan out their rent prices and mortgage costs through the company’s unique platform.

As of late, the company has done very well with founder David Osio leading the company. Davos Financial Group is an international financial group that has been centered in the Latin American market for over two decades. Within the first half of 2016, the company has increased its agents by over 60%, which has caused a 75% increase in sales. The success of the company recently is due to the talent that David Osio has and the team he has built up around him within the company. Osio’s skills in banking, finances, and law have allowed him to build up the investing conglomerate Davos Financial Group is today.

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