Contributions of Kevin Seawright to the Business Community

Kevin Seawright is a financial and administrative leader in the central segment of the business. He is known for his strategic approach towards the accomplishment of business goals. Today, he is the vice-president at Newark Economic Development Corporation. Among other achievements, he has reformulated business approach to the finance sector.

The new approach has consequently, led to the realization of a responsive financial division that delivers results. The prosperity of the sections drives its ability to achieve goals by aligning the technological initiatives with the current business and economic goals.

PR News Wire stated that Kevin Seawright has been instrumental in the transformation of the revenue planning corporate process. This change has worked to benefit contractors and sub-contractors in the mid-Atlantic region.

In the course of his career, Kevin Seawright has achieved several accomplishments. He has contributed to the enhancement and forecasting of organizations returns by 25 percent. His input to the solidification of Human Capital Divisions has led to the retention of staff, improved the hiring process, helped in the attainment of collective bargaining agreements, and resulted in compensation adjustments among many others.

All the above methods have contributed to improved service delivery to customers, improved standardization and enhanced efficiency at the workplace. Among all his achievements, the human capital division that led to the retention of working personnel is appealing. Each and every rule, process, or standards put in place to ensure that employees’ jobs are safe is the joy of every worker.

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation acts as a catalyst for the development of New Jersey’s city. The institution is designed to attract, spear growth, and retain businesses. It is also responsible for promoting real estate development across the city and its neighborhoods.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright is a member of this organization. Through Newark CEDC, he utilizes his professional skills to benefit the East Coast communities. He has taken part in the institution’s activities for more than 13 years.

He is responsible for the development of a business model that when adopted, lead to success in a firm. The model advocates for team inclusion, business acumen, consolidation of the government and private sector operations and outcome efficiency.