Sawyer Howitt: The Extraordinary Man

As I read this article, it spoke to me of a growth mindset. Sawyer encourages his readers “millennials” to reach a higher potential and understand their why’s of going down their current paths. As it goes on he states, in business there being two different types of individuals: business owners and entrepreneurs.

According to business owners make a living chasing profits and margins. They avoid using their confluence in brainstorming solutions and thinking creatively. Entrepreneurs take that risk in business and use their classification of information to move forward, thinking bigger. They are people who take the impossible and make it possible. They are forward thinkers, creating change in their communities.

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The most important quality, I believe Sawyer spoke about, is passion over money. Most entrepreneurs, I can agree through my own professional experience, are attracted to the money. Like Sawyer, they need to learn how to truly have a deep passion for their career. Their career should be something that gives them pause and allows them to reflect. They should be inspired and compassionate about their path. Being young, we all have a chance for those seeking entrepreneurship. My personal experience, I started a business a couple years ago, getting the homeless housing and the services they needed on a private level. This for me, just like Sawyer, touches me deeply, as it is what I went through in my earlier years prior and had trouble attaining. Always have a “why”. Why are you doing this? Money comes and goes, but your passion and creativity always grows. Without creativity, passion, leadership, and understanding of you, there becomes a disconnect to reach true entrepreneurship.

Sawyer Howitt, an amazing entrepreneur, is a man of extraordinary measure. He is currently in the process of using RFID Technology to speed up grocery time for consumers. He has a vision for this to be expanded to include being able to enable consumers to leave grocery stores and automatically pay for their merchandise at the door. He also is involved in the community fighting for causes with young entrepreneurs and young women. For young women, he fights for their rights in the workplace to be treated with dignity, respect and fairness. For young entrepreneurs, having learned at a young age and become very successful, he teaches overcoming. Overcoming all obstacles, communicating and writing more effectively in a business environment with seasoned professionals.

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