Bruce R. Bent II The Brilliance That Changed The World Of Finance

When it comes to investing discretionary funds risk is an inherent inevitability. All investment options carry a potential risk for loss or gain. In the economic climate of today, an element of skittishness exists towards the uncertainties associated with the volatility of the stock market. However, money market funds offer an alternative that will still grow your idle finances, provide a markedly high level of security, liquidity, and a better rate of return than the average savings account. Money market funds or money market mutual funds are an ideal cash management option for retirees or those with a rainy day fund seeking to diversify their financial portfolio or a safe stable investment to grow their nest egg.

A money market fund or money market mutual fund investment vehicle is specifically designed to provide protections against losses due to credit, market instability, and liquidity risks. This particular type of fund is comprised of no loads short-term investment opportunities characterized as being low interest earning, high-quality cash equivalent assets. There are several different types and sizes of money market funds. They are generally categorized according to the investment strategy for which the funds are utilized.

Bruce R. Bent II is Vice Chairman and President of Double Rock Corporation®, a leading financial technology company in conjunction with his role as Senior Executive to its wholly owned subsidiaries Access Control Advantage, Inc., Intrasweep LLC, Island Intellectual Property LLC, Landing Rock Group LLC, LIDs Capital LLC., and affiliates. Bruce R. Bent II is a recognized standard-bearer in the financial services industry as the co-creator of the first money market fund called the Reserve Fund. The introduction of the money market fund back in 1970 so profoundly altered the financial services industry that it received recognition by the American Museum of Finance.

He has accumulated a wide array of in-depth experience and expertise over his decades as a financial professional. It’s no wonder that those fortunate enough to have had the opportunity work with Bruce R. Bent II repute him as “a strong leader, a transformative visionary, a creative strategist and one “able to quickly get to the essence of a matter especially in complex scenarios.” Based on the various achievements of Bruce R. Bent simply being featured in the book Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most Successful CEOs though honorable does not deliver justice to such a multi-talented individual.

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Legal Powerhouse and Experienced Businesswoman Helane Morrison Inspires by Example

A powerhouse of legal and ethical prowess, Helane Morrison holds the titles of Managing Director, General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, and Executive Committee member at Hall Capital Partners LLC. Hall Capital is a large investment advisory firm in the heart of San Francisco and its workplace culture revolves around upholding ethics and encouraging teamwork. What does Helane Morrison’s successful career and standing in power mean for women in financial and law careers across the country?

Morrison began her career in law with a stint as a clerk for an Appeals court judge, then later served as a clerk for a Supreme Court Justice. She joined the bar in 1987 and began working in a private practice that specialized in business litigation and defense of private securities actions, later making partner. In 1999 she joined the San Francisco Office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, where she remained as head of enforcement until 2007. She was the district’s first woman to serve as chief, an unintentional step forward in further establishing women in the legal field.

With a long history of staying on the ethical side of matters throughout her career, Morrison is a symbol of integrity and a dynamic power in the business world. In a time of financial uncertainty, since at least 2008, the moral position has been the most sought after and admired. Morrison’s career has included huge busts against violators of security laws. She has been working to expose fraud and corruption for decades through asserting the wrongs of high powered entities in lawsuits and defensive legal action. Her current position supports a commitment to encouraging women to pursue business and law. As one third of the head decision making body at Hall Capital, Morrison is uniquely positioned to forge ahead in supporting women’s contributions in the workplace.

Recognized as one of the Most Influential Women in Bay Area Business and Public Sector in four separate years, Helane Morrison is still making waves thirty years into her career. While her achievements and moral character are evident in her career and life, Morrison stands as an inspiration to women breaking into a career in law or business.