Talk Fusion Video Chat Awarded

Talk Fusion is a leader in the video marketing field with products such as video email and video chat. Technology Marketing Corporation awards products and services every year that innovate the communication field. This year, Talk Fusion earned an award for their cutting edge Video Chat product. This product allows customers to chat with any one on any device, using their real WebRTC recorder. Video Chat allows businesses to stand out from the rest, which is what Talk Fusion strives to do.

Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC, enjoys being able to honor the recipients of this award. He feels they are the leaders in their field and represent the best the market has to offer. The Video Chat App allows users convenient chatting features with being able to use any device, phone, tablet, or desktop. This cross communication platform is considered revolutionary since it does not matter if the person is using an Apple or Android, because they can both talk to each other through web based chat.

Bob Reina, CEO, is honored at receiving the award and states this award is just the beginning. Talk Fusion is revolutionary and dedicated to staying ahead. Their track record proves this dedication. Talk Fusion offers full access free trials to prospective customers with no strings attached. The Web Recorder RTC service gave them an edge needed to create the Video Chat option. Also, they launched the new site This year has proven to be a stellar year for Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion Video Chat Wins Award

Exciting discoveries in image recognition technology

Image recognition software is one of the most exciting and important technological breakthroughs in recent history. Simply put, image recognition software can identify the brands, products, and objects that are in a given image. Image recognition software has a number of very different applications, from identifying specific brands of clothing, or searching for something on Google by using an image. It can even replace the need to have a password on a smartphone, instead scanning the owner’s face. Image recognition software on is becoming more and more prevalent in day-to-day society, and understanding it’s wide array uses is becoming more and more important.

Slyce uses image recognition technology to help customers streamline their shopping experience. After taking a photo of a given object it only takes a moment for Slyce’s app to find the product they’re looking for. This could be from something as simple as a coffee maker or a stove, to something more fashionable, such as a handbag or a particular brand of jeans. The app can also identify coupons to help customers save money when they shop. Slyce’s app works on coupons, photos, and everyday objects. Slyce is one of the most flexible and accessible visual search engines on the market, giving consistent and immediate results to anything being scanned.

The various applications of image recognition software are still be discovered, even now. There is already a huge market for image recognition software, especially when coupled with smartphones. A number of incredibly popular apps, including Slyce, are already using this burgeoning technology to help people streamline their shopping experience in their everyday lives. Even though this software is becoming more and more commonplace, there are still a number of improvements and applications being found for this technology. Slyce’s search engine is one such step forward for this exciting technology. Slyce has used this forward-thinking technology to make a very user-friendly buying and shopping experience.