Marc Sparks: An Entrepreneur’s Entrepreneur

Dallas entrepreneur and philanthropist Marc Sparks recognizes a promising startup when he sees one. Being a serial entrepreneur, Marc learned what is takes for a company to succeed, and he looks for the same drive and unique ideas to fund and provide support to through Timber Creek Capital, Spark’s private equity firm.

Timber Creek Capital moved into new offices last year; the additional space allows the firm to host host three different startups in a workspace conductive to success during their incubation period.

With more than three decades of entrepreneurial experience, Sparks mentors new entrepreneurs and ensures that they have the resources they need to become profitable companies.

“They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path to Outrageous Success” by Marc Sparks, highlights Spark’s career in starting companies, both his failures and his successes. A would-be entrepreneur will learn a great deal from Sparks, who is one of the few people who offers real, practical advice about starting a business.

According to GoodReads, through Spark Tank, Marc Sparks, along with long-time associate Lynne Sipiora, award $5,000 grants to non-profit organizations with entrepreneurial spirit.

Each organization presents a pitch for ten minutes and then answers questions from the Spark Tank panel; the winner is chosen based on the immediate impact the organization’s program will have on the Dallas/Fort Worth community.

Winners of the initial $5,000 grant then compete for a grand prize award. Mommies in Need, the latest winner, provides nannies for stay-at-home parents with acute health problems.

Sparks is more than a businessman; he is a philanthropist at heart.Founding The Samaritan Inn is Spark’s crowing achievement. Through his efforts, the homeless shelter feeds and lodges more than 200 people each day.

Lynne Sipiora collaborates with Marc on his charitable efforts, including The Samaritan Inn. Together they built transitional living apartments, a first in North Texas, as well.

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