Jason Halpern Innovating Luxury and Consumer Tech

Jason Halpern is the charismatic leader at JMH Development which is a firm that is helping people reach their dreams by providing full-service real estate to a plethora of markets around the nation. Through his role as the owner and manager there he has helped a number of commercial and residential developments come to fruition while aggressively targeting some of the hottest markets from Miami Beach to the New York area.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

One example of the great working being done by Jason Halpern and JMH Development is the Aloft South Beach property which opened its doors to tourists in the Miami Beach area by offering them a chance to stay at the innovative and modern hotel which has 235 rooms to choose from. Practically all of them have great views of the area so that Jason Halpern is able to put another mark on his ledger marking the great number of historic properties which he has been able to collaborate on. It is like he has an intuition for greatness which inherently helps him to know where and how to build so that he leaves landmarks in the landscape that will be a legacy for many years to come.

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner at Aloft Property

Yet, it was another great property which he had an impact on through his well-positioned roles at various organizations and firms. He is on the board at Parametric Dining which is part software company and part design firm which helps bring awe-inspiring technology to consumers at the point of sale and through the development of interactive guest tablets. Shoppers and guests can all get immersed in the experience as they are able to enjoy some of the best games by professional teams such as the Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks at their suites while not missing any of the action due to looking for attendants. With the tablets they can order food, see statistics and other relevant data all while giving advertisers another great space to have their name be seen and their tune to be heard.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

The Suitemate platform is able to be fully customized for individual guest experiences which will not be forgotten any time soon. Similar things happen at the point of sale through the Checkmate platform. All of this is highly PCI compliant so that users and providers can both know that everything they are doing can be trusted to be secure and efficient through the following of the guidelines. Jason Halpern is setting a new level of excellence that many are already trying to emulate, but the original is still being constantly refined such that it will be very difficult to compete with his visions and goals of a connected society living in luxury at the hottest locations.

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