Leader of the Pack – Project Manager Christanna Bevin

If you are looking for that diamond in the rough project manager, look no further. Christanna Bevin is a specialist in project management. Her background and experience have shaped her views and how she tackles projects in addition to how she interacts with people. The focus on results she brings to the table gives her the ability to excel.

Christanna has a Master of Business Administration from Australian Institute of Business. She has worked her way up through the workforce chain. Her thirteen years experience started off as a site administrator at Stork. In 2006, she focused on building her project management abilities as a project control and commercial specialist. She worked with customers to ensure a high level of satisfaction was being met. Being very organized she developed specific control procedures to help standardize across different customer service specialists. The core part of her experience come in these years where her title was a project service or project control. While working in these positions she worked in Australia as well as other countries. Christanna worked for over one year in Laos where she had to work cross-culturally and enable people to do their jobs. She developed qualifications for other suppliers and opened the door to more suppliers being evaluated. She has mostly reviewed a project in Australia for greenfield coals project upwards of $700M.

Christanna Bevin is a highly motivated individual, who has the cross-cultural and cross-functional experience to continue excelling as a project manager. Her communication skills both oral and written are excellent. Her energy and flexibility allow her to work with others and achieving the common goal for the client.

[email protected] Media: www.facebook.com/chris.bevin

White Shark Media Solves Problems for Professionals

For years, new entrepreneurs and small business owners have struggled to make sense of AdWords and attempted to drive traffic towards their sites.

Most small business owners know that advertising campaigns are important, but few have the time or resources to focus on these key, business-generating projects. White Shark Media helps businesses and individuals learn how to use AdWords to effectively improve their business traffic.

The first step in finding out how White Shark Media can help your business is to obtain a free evaluation. Whether you already have an AdWords campaign in progress or you are completely unsure where to begin, a White Shark Media specialist can work with you to determine the next steps.

At the time of your evaluation, a specialist will connect with you online so you can see his or her screen and all actions taken.  Learn more about White Shark Media Review: http://www.whitesharkmedia.com/testimonials/

The specialist will explain the process and review your needs so they can tell you exactly how White Shark Media can most effectively improve your business. When the evaluation is complete, you can choose to contract with White Shark Media for further campaign work, or walk away with absolutely no obligation.

The staff at White Shark Media take their commitment to their customers seriously. This is why they actively seek feedback from their clients and tackle any problems that are pointed out.

Early in their practice, the White Shark Media staff heard complaints from clients who did not understand their AdWords performance, they took immediate steps to rectify this.

Now, the team provides several in-house installations that make AdWords reporting far easier to understand and helps clients track these vital statistics so they know how their business is doing at any given moment.

Likewise, White Shark Media Review customers noted at one point that, despite technological advances, many of their business clients still engaged them via phone. Customers were concerned that these phone engagements weren’t being tracked.

White Shark Media, recognizing the importance of tracking all business activity, added phone tracking software for all clients at no extra charge to ensure all business contacts were properly captured.

Many small business professionals run into problems when the company running their ad campaign cannot be reached. This causes frustration and wasted business time. When White Shark Media customers raised concerns about this, the company responded by changing their communication practices.

Now, all customers will receive a (virtual) face-to-face meeting with their campaign manager who will provide them with a complete status update each month and answer any questions about ad performance and next steps that are needed. Further, White Shark Media added private extensions for client managers, so they can be reached directly, without the filter of a receptionist.

Ad campaigns and AdWords can be complicated and time consuming, and one thing small business owners never have enough of us time. By relying on a customer centric firm like White Shark Media, professionals can optimize their business traffic so they can focus on their business.

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