End Citizens United Wants Change In Fundraising

End Citizens United is a group that was able to fundraise million of dollars in order to give that money to Democratic candidates for the House and Senate votes. In just their first month they were able to raise over $2 million, all of which came from small donors. Since End Citizens United is a traditional PAC, they are not able to accept more than $5,000. At the end of the cycle they are projected to collected between $25 million and $30 million, all of which will be distributed among Democratic House and Senate candidates. They have chosen to endorse a specific group of 11 Democrats because they believe that these candidates will fight to bring about the change that they are seeking. The Republicans are in favor of keeping the Citizen United vote and the Democrats are against it.


End Citizens United is specifically intent on accomplishing their goal of bringing a complete reform to the way in which campaign finances are managed. They differ from other PACs because they are able to confront the political side of things and are only donating money to the people who share their values and will work to get the Citizens United overturned. They have to be sure that the candidates they back will support these values because many of them do not want to go against the very wealthy and powerful Koch brothers, among other groups that like the use of dark money in the campaign financing system. They will use the money they earn to back the candidates through a series of polling initiatives, direct mailing services, and ads on the television.


The policy director for the Sunlight Foundation, John Wonderlich, believes that it is going to be an uphill battle but regardless, it will be raising awareness about the issues of the Citizens United vote. It it extremely difficult to get Congress to pass an amendment to the constitution, which is what End Citizens United is gunning for. In fact, it has not been done since the early 1990s. Since it is so difficult for these changes to happen as the government only becomes more partisan as the years go on, groups like End Citizens United will serve a great purpose in changing the public opinion and drawing more attention to this issue.


The more people know about what the Citizens United vote did, the more they will vote to change it and improve public awareness on the subject. The average donation for End Citizens United is just under $15, so they are being supported by everyday people who are donating small amounts. End Citizens United is functioned by five talent senior advisers including Valerie Martin, Clair McCaskill, and Reed Adamson.