Doug Levitt Brings A Voice To The Silenced And Fights A Stigma

If there is anything that could be said for Doug Levitt, it is that he is offering his sympathies to the people that are struggling and is also offering a platform in order to help people get the message out that the down and out are human as well. There is a stereotype about the people who have a lot less than some others. Doug is hoping to fight this stereotype with The Greyhound Diaries. For one thing, he is trying to show people that the people that are struggling and have hit hard times come from all walks of life. In many cases, all it took was just a slight turn of luck for them to find themselves in their circumstances.

With The Greyhound Diaries, Doug Levitt will be able to not only present the stories of the people he has met during his travels on the Greyhound Bus, he will also convert some of them into songs. Doug is also a singer and songwriter who has made a successful career in music. With his talents in writing and singing, he will be able to bring forth a better look at the people who have hit hard times. He will also show that they are hard working people with hearts.

Doug Levitt understands some of the injustice that is directed towards people that do not have as much as others. People in poverty tend to experience a lot of horrifying treatment at the hands of those who have a much greater fortune than them. They do everything they can to build a better future. Often times, the struggling are not just the individual. They are also families that are in the struggle because of occurrences that are outside of their control. A lot of the stories that Doug Levitt presented are not only heartbreaking, but inspiring.

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