A Look At Arthur Becker’s Latest Property Development

As the Managing Member of the luxury real estate development company Madison Partners, Arthur Becker usually prefers to be a silent partner in his real estate investments. He has invested over $550 million into various projects around New York City. However, on his latest condominium project he is putting himself front and center.

Arthur Becker purchased the land that the property will be built on in 2012 for $6.1 million. Once it is completed, it will contain a penthouse duplex as well as seven apartments. The lot is located in Tribeca in one of his favorite parts of the area. As a very high-end luxury property, the interior is going to be designed by Paris Forino who has garnered a well-earned reputation as one of the best designers in the world.

The building is slated to be completed in two years. While New York City has lately experienced a slowdown in luxury projects, Arthur Becker has said by the time his building is completed that real estate sector should be picking up again. He also points out that he only needs to sell 8 units, not 50 or more like some other residential luxury properties around the city need to do.

Arthur Becker is perhaps best known for his career in the technology industry. According to crunchbase.com, he was the Chief Executive Officer of NaviSite from 2002 to 2010, as well as serving on the company’s board. Under his leadership, NaviSite was a leading provider of hosting services as well as managed application around the world. He has also been the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Zinio LLC which is well known as the leading provider of digital magazines across the globe.

When Arthur first started working, he did so moving 18th-century homes to new locations around New England. He has also managed a macadamia nut orchard on an island in Hawaii. He served for several years as a senior adviser to Vera Wang who founded and leads a global fashion company.

For more info, check out his social pages on Linked In and https://angel.co/arthur-becker-nyc.