La Frontera’s Solution For HB 2

TheTexas Choice Fund , which started in 2013 in reaction to HB 2, books flights, lodgings and transportation for Texas patients and aids them with with a budget for those expenses. Austin’s Bridge Collective allows its members to volunteer their own transportation to pick up patients, in search of a ride from their residence to their appointment date.

The Texas Equal Access Fund, Lilith​ ​Fund and The West Fund grant monetary assistance to abortion seeking Texans, serving to help those in the abortion process, because it has become more costly since wait times for appointments have increased and Texas citizens have had to an increase in delayed abortions.

All of this is the result of a new law that was passed. Of course it seems unfair to a majority of the people which reside in the state’s inner city. You have to wonder what the state’s plans for the future are exactly. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The constitution weighs in the balance ​As the Supreme Court of Justice wages war silently on more poverty stricken Texans. Activist of Rio Grande Valley seek remittance from the new law’s all but negligible effects.

Joining them in Rio Grande Valley is another group, which also fights for human rights, La Frontera. An activist group which followed after the emergence of a fund by the same name. The La Frontera Fund’s co-founders, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, chose to turn their settlement from a wrongful arrest case, into a revolution.

Now, The two young journalist are vigilant supporters of impoverished west-coast civilians. To counteract the new law which will restrict the amount of abortion clinics available in Texas, La Frontera intends to open up a program to educate, civilians in destitute areas of Texas, who abortion clinics are now, by law distancing themselves from , their campaign on holistic abortion. Obvious obstructions of reproductive justice, such as these, are among blatant hypocrisy.

The same system limit access to abortion by Latino communities is also the same one enforcing crucial immigration laws on basis of overpopulation. HB 2​ requires high costs facilities only to be able to perform the procedure. Local clinics just do not immediately have the millions necessary.

So La Frontera Fund​ will donate $175 on a first cal first served basis, to those who must take leave from work, lodge overnight, and provide child care for their young, travel fees start at $100. Who knew that visiting designated clinics, could be so difficult?

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