Prince’s Electrifying Funeral Service At Kingdom Hall


Prince passed away at the age of 57 April 21, 2016. He was recognized by his electrifying popular songs, his sensual dance moves and with his talent to play dozens of different instruments was endless. Family, friends and saddened fans were shocked of his accidental overdose on his prescription medication.


Prince’s funeral took place at beautiful Kingdom Hall in Minnesota where he visited often. The guests arrived for this celebrity funeral by the bus loads and there were at least 50 police officers, along with two helicopters patrolling the area. The pamphlet’s from the ceremony had his “Beautiful, Loved and Blessed” quote from his famous song. Only three flower arrangements were placed in Kingdom Hall, along with a guest book for signatures of those who attended. The service was spoken about Prince’s faith and how he became a Jehovah’s witness in 2003. Following the service one of the housed nearby played one of his biggest hits “Purple Rain”.