IAP Worldwide Services Inc. Wins Another Government Agency Contract

IAP Worldwide Services is the winner of three government agencies contracts during the year of 2016. One of the largest logistics and technical services providers in the U.S. announced on IAP News the company is awarded a U.S. Army contract totaling $53 million, in October 2016. IAP is responsible for providing networking, training, hardware systems engineering, systems reconciliations, warehouse operations, and certification of hardware services to military facilities. Services are provided to support the Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS) in international locations and Fort Hood, TX.

For almost 61 years, the provider has built long term relationships on Jobs.net with government agencies based on its credentials and the ability to transport solutions for aviation, life support, missionary, and engineering in technology and national security. Under the Rapid Response Third Generation contract, IAP Worldwide supports the DCGS system to process confidential information, surveillance, weather, and other tasks. Rob Hargis, vice-president of the National Security and Technology Programs at IAP said they will implement the missions of the U.S. Army with complete emphasis on commitment and responsiveness.

This isn’t the only contract awarded to IAP by a government agency in 2016. The company won a $900 million contract in September to support facility services for humanitarian endeavors on bizjournals.com, disaster relief, and military actions. Since 1996, the company is the only government services provider to work on Air Force programs. IAP continues to provide support for maintenance, contingency, and infrastructure operations to the U.S. Navy. The first contract the company landed in February is worth $975 million, in which IAP will share with other companies, including Dyn Corp International, Honeywell, and CACI. United States Air Force awarded the contract to five companies to provide support for Counter Narcotics and Global Treats Operations and Logistics at https://www.thestreet.com/story/13353255/1/iap-worldwide-services-inc-announces-the-acquisition-of-two-business-units-from-drs-technologies-inc.html.

Before IAP won the contracts in September and October, the logistics and technology services provider held approximately $370 million in government contracts. IAP Worldwide is now the holder of over $1 billion in contracts with the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, and U.S. Air Force. The contracts cover support for transportation, power generation, global procurement, emergency disasters, operations, maintenance, minor construction, and other services.

IAP Worldwide was established in 2005 after many acquisitions since the 1950’s. When the provider was conducting business under Pam Am World Services Inc., IAP Worldwide successfully built and operated the first space launch complex in Florida. The U.S. government agencies have relied on IAP for 27 years and continuously provide quality and reputable services.

IAP Worldwide And Douglas Kitani

There is never a problem to big for the company IAP Worldwide to handle. All across the world, there are problems that arise that seem impossible to fix. At IAP, they will find a way to deal with the issue because they are all about fixing the impossible. Since they are able to do this on a regular basis, they are always in demand. They go to places that are remote and unable to get to because they find a way to help. Their humanitarian efforts are impeccable and communities continue to thrive after IAP comes to help.

How Are They Able To Complete These Missions?

IAP Worldwide utilizes the latest, technological advances to assist those communities that are hard hit with unexpected events and problems. They also help with healthcare that is advanced and able to work in extreme conditions. Having this ability gives them the edge over other companies in the field. They are known for their integrity, and their ability to handle issues in all types of communities.

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What Are The People Like That Work For IAP?

The people that work at IAP Worldwide are dedicated professionals. They are educated and experienced at their crafts. On a daily basis, they practice their duties with integrity and offer respect to everyone that they come into contact with. Their days are spent looking into ways to help and assist in all types of situations. There are at least 2,000 of these professionals producing quality work on a regular basis all over the world. They are well respected in their field because of what they do so well.

What Is The History Of IAP?

IAP came into existence over 60 years ago. During those years, they built on the trust that they developed in the field. They worked with companies like Irmo SC, Johnson Controls, Inc. and Pan Am World Services, Inc. They are led by Douglas Kitani (CEO), and they have now acquired more than 300 million dollars in government contracts. This places them as a leader in an industry that is plagued with competition.

As IAP Worldwide goes into the future, they will find that they are in more demand than ever. By going to places that are remote, and helping in immense ways, they lead the pack all over the globe for companies that can provide solutions to difficult situations. There will always be more work for IAP as they continue to treat others with the respect that they deserve and handle their business with integrity and honesty.

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IAP Men & Women Showcase As Leading Professionals In Security

IAP Worldwide has been featured in a PRN News article for the brave men and women that are proudly serving across the global to ensure security. Millions of people all around the world are affected by natural disaster or acts of terrorism that may require a small army or a strong structure in a small community. IAP strives to serve the needs of the community and meet security demands in a matter of minutes. PRN News was glad to report that they are there in a moments notice when you need them. These brave men and women fight to protect national and global security.

Nobody can determine when every disaster will occur and this is when IAP is strong enough to respond to your service requests in a timely manner staying committed to the job until their clients goals have been reached. Unfortunately, they’re are too many casualties each year because IAP Worldwide were not the responsible party involved with securing the matter. They have been proudly serving the globe for over 30 years and started from a group of like minded businesses that wanted to make a difference. Visit the official IAP Worldwide website for more details on how to utilize their services today.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. | Company Profile from Hoover’s

They have also done a great job of contracting government vehicles to improve their response time. They government is responsible for protecting lives from all over the world and IAP are the guys for the job. They wake up early every morning with the clients objectives in mind. Your mission is their number one objective until the task is complete. These brave men and women fight for national and global security. Many will agree, IAP Worldwide are the guys that can meet your security clearance needs.You can rest assured they have the skill set to tackle the tough issues that

Don’t waste your time with other organized security teams that aren’t backed with the tools, equipment, and skills of IAP. They are there if and when you need someone to be a structured force in a tough situations that affect mankind every day. There is a force out there that is tough enough to handle what you’re going through with the right force to back you every step of the way. Hire the professionals when you need proven results that even the government can rely on. Visit IAP Worldwide for more details on how to thrive.

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