Dogs Have Needs That Beneful Strives To Feed

Dog owners know better than anyone that each dog has very specific, individual needs. Purinastore Beneful’s entire product line is created with this very fact in mind. With something for every taste, Beneful offers everything from a full selection of wet and dry dog foods to treats for dogs of any size.
Beneful’s Original dry dog food comes in beef, chicken, and even salmon flavor options and your dog’s specialty needs can also be met through options such as their “Healthy Weight”, “Healthy Puppy”, and “Playful Life” lines.

Owners of smaller breeds needing tinier cuts or softer pieces of kibble can find what they’re looking for in Beneful’s Incredibites line. Offering both wet and dry options, Incredibites dry products come in both beef and chicken options and their wet offers delicious flavors such as chicken, beef or salmon with tomato, carrots, and wild rice.

For dog’s really looking for that extra special, loving touch added to their meals, Beneful created options like their Tuscan, Romana, and Mediterranea Style Medleys.

Still not sure if Beneful has a flavor option for your picky eater? Rest easy because Beneful offers flavors such as Savory Rice and Lamb Stew, Roasted Turkey Medley, Roasted Chicken Recipe, and Simmered Beef Entree just to name a few. They even have seafood options for dog’s preferring less traditional proteins.

Anyone looking to have their dog’s training and dessert needs met will find Wal-Mart also covers a large variety in this department as well. Treats include a line of Healthy Smile Dental Twists, Baked Delight Heartfuls containing apple flavored filling and real bacon, Baked Delight Snackers in peanut butter and cheese flavor, and Baked Delights Stars with both chicken and cheese and bacon and cheese flavors. Beneful’s treats ( come in a multitude of flavor, size, and texture options and you can bet they’re sure to keep coming out with more. After all, a healthy puppy is a happy puppy and Beneful strives to keep puppies everywhere happy.