What Makes A Leader?

What does it take to make it in the world of finance? Leadership skills to effectively and efficiently direct a team; a personality people can trust; the experience to make the right financial decisions; the creativity and brain power to find solutions, and work towards your company’s goals. There is no single recipe for a successful leader, but those who embody a little of the above are likely primed for success. People such as Brian Bonar.

Brian Bonar is a renowned American financial executive, based in San Diego, California.

Brain Bonar began his college career at James Watt Technical College, where he received his Bachelor’s in Technical Engineering. Bonar then went on to Stafford University where he earned his Masters in Mechanical Engineering

Soon after leaving college, Bonar began working for various companies, beginning with IBM as a Procurement Manager, then as the Director of Engineering for QMS where he gained valuable leadership experience as the manager of over 100 employees.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar continued to pick up experience as the Sales Manager for Adaptec, moving on to work for various other companies, gathering valuable experience and credentials, eventually starting his own company, Bezier Systems.

Even after creating his own company, Bonar continued to work in other companies, eventually finding significant success at Dalrada Financial Industries, where he served as Manager

With an enormously varied background, and much hard work, today, Brian Bonar is considered a leader in the world of finance and business, and that comes as no surprise when one considers that Mr. Bonar is associated with no less than 17 distinct companies, and is currently the leader of successful HR resource company, Trucept Incorporated.

Trucept Incorporated is a company which offers a wide variety of Human Resource and financial resources to small and medium size businesses, allowing the business to focus more effectively on their own projected growth and business goals.

At Trucept, Inc, Brain Bonar wears a multitude of hats, including President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Director.

With Mr Bonar’s guidance, Trucept Inc is now one of the leading providers of Human Resources in the industry, and has worked with over 900 small businesses, enabling them to reach their potential.

Brian Bonar specializes in the mergers and acquisitions of the business and financial world, which makes his technical background both interesting and unexpectedly valuable as it informs his approach.

Applying the the precision of the Engineer, with the creativity and adaptability of a well versed leader of people. He is able to look at business systematically; efficiently directing people as he sees exactly where they fit into the greater scheme of things.