Sawyer Howitt: A Student with Advanced Experience in Finance

Sawyer Howitt is a member of the Meriweather Group, where he serves as project manager. He has always had a keen business sense, which led him to the career he has now. Though he’s currently a high school senior in the second semester, he still hopes to stay on this career track. In the fall of 2017, Sawyer Howitt will go to Columbia University to further gain experience and knowledge with a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance.

The Meriweather Group is a company that helps entrepreneurs find their way. The company offers financial and business support to help individuals achieve their goals. They maintain the ideas and voices of the entrepreneur while giving their expertise in strategies and development.

As a project manager, Sawyer is an integral part of The Meriweather Group. He works alongside father and team members to bring businesses to their full potential. Sawyer is currently a high school senior but will graduate this year. He is the son of Meriweather Founder and CEO David Howitt.