An Exciting Time for Gold

This past June, the United Kingdom voted to exit the European Union. The highly anticipated decision came as quite a shock to that nation and rattled financial markets around the world. The U.K. will succeed to the union this coming spring, marking one of the most historically significant moments in European history. In an homage to the upcoming occasion, the Cook Islands have released a beautiful and highly symbolic series of commemorative gold coins.

Three coins will be released, valued individually at $1, $5, and $20. All three coins will feature a laser engraved image of the United Kingdom, alongside the Union Jack Flag, opposite continental Europe. On the tail side, they will feature an image of Queen Elizabeth the Second. Just over 2,000 of each of these rare gold coins will be released, so if you are interested don’t wait too long. Read more:

The idea of a Brexit gold coin is highly significant. Many people fear the possibility of a looming financial market crash when the UK finally pulls from the EU. As a result of such fears, my investors from around the world are choosing to purchase gold, because of a history of stability. While investors who remain in the market risk loosing it all, those who translate some or all of their wealth to gold can rest assured.

Gold investment funds are not original to Brexit. In fact, gold has maintained its standard historically. Even if the value of the dollar were to plummet, gold will maintain most of its value. The price will fluctuate. Accordingly, savvy investors will watch the market closely, awaiting a slight dip. This will be the ideal time to purchase. Those watching the gold market closely have predicted that these dips will eventually diminish and the value of gold will rise as we near the Brexit deadline. Whether or not the market plummets as some have predicted, gold is expected to gain value.

That being said, the commemorative gold coins are not only a desire collectable item but also a savvy investment. Any way you but it, these coins will maintain, if not completely succeed their value. Each coin is made from .999 fine gold and laser etched with perfection, made with the Coin Investment Trust’s smart minting technology.

Coins which have already been sold are already being resold by dealers for astoundingly high prices. While one could purchase this coin and instantly profit off of it, we predict that it will gain even more value as the Brexit deadline heads closer. What is better to have to recall this profound, historical event than a symbolic gold coin. Wouldn’t you like to be one of the few to possess a rare Brexit coin?