Brian Torchin Steering the Medical Industry to Inestimable Heights

Brian Torchin is the President and Owner of HCRC Staffing, an online resource for medical health professionals to get gainful employment opportunities and have been helping medical professionals to get jobs over the last couple of years. Mr. Torchin holds a Bachelors degree in exercise science and has diverted his business towards chiropractic medicine and manages his offices in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Florida.


With his vast experience in the industry, Brian Torchin noticed that it was difficult for medical graduates to get jobs and therefore, the goal of HCRC staffing was to help bridge the gap. The idea was to make sure that medical professional know that there is more than one way of earning in the industry. As the President of HCRC, Brian has helped many medical professionals.

His agency has been helping medical professionals through job counseling and job placement. Being one of the prominent healthcare organizations, it has helped countless numbers of doctors, nurses and other healthcare practitioners to get jobs around the world.

Besides, he has contributed a lot to ensuring that all individuals across the world can access professional health services. Through the counseling of the HCRC recruits and verifying the employees, he makes sure that clients will receive the best services from the professionals. Through his agency, a significant number of Americans have received quality healthcare in all the 50 states.

Acknowledgment by media outlets

Several media outlets have featured Brian on several medical issues. According to Simply Hired, in May 2013, the Digital Journal featured Brian Torchin in the article “Torchin staffing the global healthcare industry.” In October 2014, wrote an article on how Brian brought chiropractic into the spotlight though the HCRC program, “your health is in safe hands.”

In the same month, wrote an article on how Torchin has been recruiting great chiropractors. also wrote an article on how Brian Torchin has been satisfying the steadily growing demand for medical professionals.

Social media activities

Torchin has an active Facebook and Twitter accounts. He manages the accounts personally, and most of the tweets and updates are about the medical profession. Time to time he advertises medical vacancies in various parts of the world, especially within the United States. Through his social media accounts, hundreds of healthcare graduates have landed jobs in different states.