Austin Business Journal Tabs Local PR Firm for Explosive Growth

For the past five or so years the citizens of Austin, Texas have watched as a home grown public relations firm has grown into a global player. Status Labs, founded by CEO Darius Fisher, has masterfully moved themselves into a place where they are beginning to get global attention for their hard work. Right now some of the highest accolades are coming from home as the Austin Business Journal has listed Status Labs on their ‘Fast 50’ list. The Fast 50 showcases 50 local businesses that have experienced huge growth over the past three years in terms of their revenue. Status Labs, as it turns out, experienced a revenue growth of over 1,100% from 2013 to 2015.

If you aren’t familiar with what Status Labs offers customers then let us lay it out for you. The majority of the business world relies on the internet in huge ways in order to simply function. More and more people are growing up with their life almost completely online. Combine these two worlds and you suddenly have a very real need to manage your digital presence. When someone searches your name or company on the internet, what are they going to find? Status Labs steps in as a personal reputation management firm that can help companies weather PR crisis situations or create their own public brand. Having a strong public brand can mean the difference between floating and sinking in our fast paced tech world.

Darius Fisher has been the primary reason that Status Labs has found so much success of late. For a moment in time Status Labs had to consider reinventing their own image as a former co-owner was caught in hot water, thus casting the whole company into shade. Darius Fisher stepped up and quickly allayed concerns by showing the people of Austin what the company was about and all of the good that they could do going forward. Since that moment, around 2013, Status Labs has experienced unparalleled growth in the industry and we figure that it will continue going forward as more people become aware of the service.