Why Paul Mampilly Has His Investing Eye On The Internet Of Things

Profits Unlimited is a newsletter targeted at helping average investors know which individual stocks to invest in. The person behind this newsletter, Paul Mampilly, put out an ad for his newsletter detailing a tech stock worth $7. He said his forecasts showed that the stock would increase by 8,000% in value due to what he called one of the all-time best innovations in the industry.

The teaser for Profit Unlimited that Paul Mampilly put together was about the “Internet of Things”, the concept that all sorts of devices will soon be able to talk to each other over the internet. It’s an idea that is already impacting people and businesses around the world. With digital sensors being hooked up to everything from thermostats to plane engines to traffic signals it’s going to revolutionize the world once it gets really rolling.

Profits Unlimited is Paul Mampilly’s current newsletter. He publishes through Banyan Hill Publishing. In the past, he had other newsletters through other publishers. This includes FDA Trader which he wrote for Agora Financial and for Stansberry he published Professional Speculator. The focus of Profits Unlimited is on those who are “entry level” when it comes to investing and need things explained in a non-jargonish way.

As Paul Mampilly explains to readers, in order for an Internet of Things device to work it has to have a specific piece of software. These devices have what is called MEMS in them which are really tiny sensors. He says that if you get your money into the right sensor company you can make a fortune.

Paul Mampilly says that there are a number of companies in this sector, both big and small. The one he has his eyes on is STMicroelectronics. Most other investors were steering clear of this company when he started recommending that his readers buy it because their stock performance for the prior 20 years had been pretty bad. However, he was right because the company is now forecasting profit margins of 35% and even better performance is now expected in the future.

Beyond writing investing newsletters Paul Mampilly had worked on Wall Street for several years. He decided to shift his focus from helping the already obscenely wealthy get even richer to instead helping people on Main Street invest their money. He says that this is far more gratifying to him than working on Wall Street had ever been.

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Bumble Serves Female First

Whitney Wolfe Herd found gold in designed a female friendly dating app, Bumble. Herd started her career at Tinder and found that women needed voice in dating app. She designed one where only females can initiate conversations and it helps them to feel more at ease. With over 22 million registered users, it has found success.

She started to plan a launch party in October for a new Bumble product, and she was very deliberate in the message she was sending. She chose the same Manhattan location that hosted other powerful lunches and executives, Four Seasons restaurant, for nearly 57 years. The power lunch is no longer for men it is for women too.

Bumble has earned their power lunch with over 70% growth this year.In August 2016, they began to utilizing in app purchases and have 100 million in sales so far. With the exponential success of Bumble, they have been approached by Match for a 450 million dollar buyout, which was turned down. Match approached her again in the fall with an over 1 billion dollar buyout and Whitney Wolfe Herd would keep 20% of the stock. With 90% of dating apps that fail, Herd has beat the odds by catering to the undervalued segment of the population: women.

Women pay the small 9.99/month fee for the time to have the extra perks of Bumble app, and they are showing in the ever-increasing number of users. Herd wanted to create a space for women to feel welcome. Bumble was not her first idea. Originally, she wanted to create a female friendly social network called Merci. A friend in the dating app industry, the founder of Badoo, tried to recruit her, but she wanted to start her own company. Bumble was born. Women could be their own real life Cinderella. They receive a chance to send out the first message, but if a man does not reply within 24 hours it disappears. No wait time. Women get a chance to be more comfortable. A formula that works. Whitney Wolf Herd has listened to her consumers and made the dating world female friendly.

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Madison Street Capital Cares About Their Clients And Community

Madison Street Capital was recently announced as the M&A Advisor Award recipient for 2017 in the category of Debt Financing Deal of the Year. This award was received for a deal involving the WLR Automotive transaction. The award was presented to Madison Street Captial out of 650 different entries.

This is a huge honor for the company because there was some impressive competition. In addition to this award, they were also nominated for Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year and Financials Deal of the Year. The award was presented at the Metropolitan Club in New York, NY. Learn more about Madison Street Capital: http://www.academia.edu/5983652/Madison_Street_Capital_Investment_Banking_Overview

Madison Capital is dedicated to its clients and surrounding communities and strives to deliver the highest quality investment banking services available on the market. They are also experts in the field of financial advisory services for all types of business.

Madison Capital is also capable of matching businesses to lucrative investments that benefit both parties. Each client is treated on an individual basis to create a strategy that best meets their goals and helps create growth and stability.

Currently, Madison Capital is leading the field in in middle market investment firms. Madison Street Capital currently has its headquarters situated in Chicago but has offices located all over the globe. Some of the services that they offer include restructuring, valuations, financial opinion, corporate advisory services, market investment banking, and more.

Madison Street Capital has solutions for businesses who are trying to merge, sell, or acquire other businesses in addition to providing their award winning client services and investment opportunities.

Once example of Madison Street Capital’s commitment to the community is the assistance they lent to communities in the West, Mid-West, Gulf South, and South East due to recent disasters. They committed to helping with food, shelter, education assistance, and temporary healthcare so people could get back on their feet and begin trying to lead normal lives again.

Madison Street Capital cares about their clients as well as the everyday people all over the country. Their ethics and top-notch services are just a couple of reasons why they are growing to become an industry leader with continued growth on the horizon.

Actor Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley is a Polish American actor, producer, and director. He stated studying theater in high school. His most recent acting job is Cal in Camo for theater, and Before I Disappear, a movie, which tells of Richie, (Shawn Christensen), a depressed man at a low point in his life, whose ranged sister (Emmy Rossum), asks him to look after his 11 year-old niece (Fatima Ptacek). As the evening progresses, he feels triggered by his two bosses Bill (Ron Pearlman), and Gideon (Paul Wesley. Richie then decides there is more to life than his bosses or anybody else’s demands. Paul Wesley was also a producer on this film. Both Paul Wesley and Shawn Christensen collaborated on this project together.
Paul Wesley
Wesley has a lead role in The Vampire Diaries, and has also served as director for the following episodes, Resident Evil, Woke up with A Monster, Things we Lost in the Fire, Requiem for A Dream, Detoured on Some Random Backwards Path to Hell, Day of Atonement. In Before I Disappear, Wesley is credited as a producer. He has worked with the director of Curfew, Christensen, whose film won an Oscar, which helped both parties with visibility. Wesley remarks that these days, it is hard to get financing, unless you are an A-list star, or you are producing a horror movie. Other examples include that you are either a blockbuster or a genre film that you can make $100 million off of.
Paul Wesley
He wanted something else to do besides The Vampire Diaries. Also, he plays Flint in Cal in Camo, a character that glues everything together. Amir and Sam is about Sam, an American soldier, and Amir, an illegal immigrant from Iraq, which is set in 2008 prior to the Great Recession. These are the highlights of Paul Wesley’s career up until 2017.
Paul Wesley