Geoff Cone Views about the New Zealand Tax Haven

A renowned tax expert in New Zealand has affirmed that New Zealand is not a tax haven and does not feature among the countries listed by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Those are the sentiments of Geoffrey Cone, a New Zealand based tax consultant and partner at Cone Marshall Limited. In an article published by the New Zealand Herald on November 9, 2012 Cone has decried the media portrayal of New Zealand as the land of foreign trusts, wealthy people and big financial deals. Because the model of a tax haven is well documented in a blueprint published in 2002 by the OECD. The true characteristic of a tax haven is a land where no taxes are imposed and if they do, it’s only nominally.

The other characteristic is existence of support structures, including laws and regulation that forbid the sharing of private financial information with the government. In the case of New Zealand, none of these policies are observed; majorly because the country’s private banking sector operates openly. Cone added that the country is indeed at the forefront of implementing the internationally agreed tax standards as evidence in the transparent manner in which the country handles foreign trusts and issue of trustees when it comes to information sharing. A law introduced in 2006 by Michael Cullen, mandates all trusts to submit a Foreign Disclosure Form or (IR607) by IRD to ensure tax records are made available when needed.

The records must also be extracted in English as reiterated by the enactment of money laundering legislation in 2011. Failure to follow these guidelines will attract stiff penalties. Part of the reason why New Zealand has become highly attractive to those who want to set foreign trusts include the existence of prudence laws and stability. The other factors include the presence of a respectable legal and professional infrastructure. Due to these factors, a number of high profile lawyers and accountants in the country have been charged with overseeing various international trusts on behalf of their clients. Most of these professionals are also recognized by STEP, the International Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.

About Geoff Cone
Geoffrey Cone is a corporate tax expert and partner at the Cone Marshall Law firm which deals entirely with trust and tax planning as well as providing trustee and trust management services through its affiliate parties. The New Zealand based barrister and solicitor also specializes in wealth planning with a focus on Spain, Italy and Latin America. Geoffrey Cone also has a solid academic history. According to a brief published on the International Comparative Legal Guides, Cone holds An LLB honors and a post graduate diploma in tax and trust law from the prestigious University of New Zealand.

Fabulous Hair Care Tips Every Woman Should Try

Everyone has unique hair and beauty may not be defined based on how one individual looks. This implies with each type of hair comes the need to offer special care that can guarantee the retention of the beauty that defines an individual. What most people lack is the knowledge necessary to allow them make the right choices when it comes to hair care. To make it easy for ladies, here are some tips that are helpful and proven.

Minimize styling damage

Styling is an important aspect of your hair but doing it too frequently will lead to damage on some parts. Therefore, it is advisable to look at the style types that leave the hair in the best condition even after a long duration of application.

For example, using rubber bands to style the hair could encourage snagging, which rips the hair from its follicle. Instead of all these procedures, you can just try a simple pony tail, which ensures your hair is kept down while you can wear a headband comfortably.

Regular trimming

To remove split ends, you can try trimming. Most women with good hair make sure no split ends form since they regularly trim their hair, about every 6-8 weeks.

Check the protein level in hair care products

Using hair care products that contain a lot of protein can make your hair brittle. While protein is vital in the growth of your hair, you need to ensure your conditioners are made with balanced ingredients.

Wen By Chaz

Established by Chaz Dean (, Wen By Chaz is a company that has been offering products tailored for women looking to look beautiful. The hair care products offered by WEN hair By Chaz have won the hearts of many because of the uniqueness they are made to offer coupled with their quality levels. Guthy-Renker is one of the most visited beauty website and the company offers amazing discounts and deals to customers.

Additionally, much of the growth Wen hair By Chaz has experienced is due to the number of Hollywood celebrities who have chosen their products. It now remains the most preferred portal for skincare and beauty products. Visit the WEN Hair Facebook page for more information.


An Exciting Time for Gold

This past June, the United Kingdom voted to exit the European Union. The highly anticipated decision came as quite a shock to that nation and rattled financial markets around the world. The U.K. will succeed to the union this coming spring, marking one of the most historically significant moments in European history. In an homage to the upcoming occasion, the Cook Islands have released a beautiful and highly symbolic series of commemorative gold coins.

Three coins will be released, valued individually at $1, $5, and $20. All three coins will feature a laser engraved image of the United Kingdom, alongside the Union Jack Flag, opposite continental Europe. On the tail side, they will feature an image of Queen Elizabeth the Second. Just over 2,000 of each of these rare gold coins will be released, so if you are interested don’t wait too long. Read more:

The idea of a Brexit gold coin is highly significant. Many people fear the possibility of a looming financial market crash when the UK finally pulls from the EU. As a result of such fears, my investors from around the world are choosing to purchase gold, because of a history of stability. While investors who remain in the market risk loosing it all, those who translate some or all of their wealth to gold can rest assured.

Gold investment funds are not original to Brexit. In fact, gold has maintained its standard historically. Even if the value of the dollar were to plummet, gold will maintain most of its value. The price will fluctuate. Accordingly, savvy investors will watch the market closely, awaiting a slight dip. This will be the ideal time to purchase. Those watching the gold market closely have predicted that these dips will eventually diminish and the value of gold will rise as we near the Brexit deadline. Whether or not the market plummets as some have predicted, gold is expected to gain value.

That being said, the commemorative gold coins are not only a desire collectable item but also a savvy investment. Any way you but it, these coins will maintain, if not completely succeed their value. Each coin is made from .999 fine gold and laser etched with perfection, made with the Coin Investment Trust’s smart minting technology.

Coins which have already been sold are already being resold by dealers for astoundingly high prices. While one could purchase this coin and instantly profit off of it, we predict that it will gain even more value as the Brexit deadline heads closer. What is better to have to recall this profound, historical event than a symbolic gold coin. Wouldn’t you like to be one of the few to possess a rare Brexit coin?

Develop A Reliable Hair Care Solution For Your Hair

There is finally a hair care product that promises to revitalize your hair. In fact, one young lady tried it for the first time on her fine hair. She had tried other products and salon visits that didn’t work and she was looking for a product that was reliable and costs less. Thousands of people already trust the Wen by Chaz name. They allow their products to be easily shipped to your door. You can go to their easy to read and navigate website to choose from a listing of their products. Fortunately, they offer all natural ingredients without the threat of harsh additives.
From their list of hair care products this young lady decided to use the strengthening conditioner. She understood the importance of finding a product that truly works. It costs far less than other competing hair care products. She decided to use their hair strengthening conditioner for a week after every shampoo. She was amazed with the results. After a week her hair was stronger and didn’t break as much as it use to. She now recommends Wen by Chaz to all of their readers for healthy nourished hair.

You can order from a list of quality products and have them shipped to your door. They take most payments securely over their website, through or They provide all natural ingredients with a rich soothing aroma. Most people enjoy their products after a hard day at work. It is a form of aromatherapy that gives you healthy hair. They won’t strip or dry your hair out be ause they refuse to use harsh additives. Wen hy Chaz provides an all natural way to transform your flat hair into long beautiful locks. Find out more about their product by doing an secure online search today.

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Video Visitation Technology Bridging Distances Between Loved Ones

Video visitation is becoming more popular in today’s world due to the changing needs in the society. Family members are brought together and can feel togetherness that they are deprived by the distance between them. The video visitation is clear representation of parents who would always want to be part of their children’s lives no matter the distance.


In the video visitation, we see a close daughter-father relationship and interaction that is not shaken by the distance between the two. The father helps his daughter do his homework interactively so as to ensure he is not left out in her education life. He also gives career advice and counseling as most parents should and he is hopeful that his daughter will follow his career path which is graphic design. The young girl gets encouragement and is also made aware of her talents during the video visitation Through Securus video visitation, a parent is capable of monitoring their children’s physical and mental growth closely.


About Securus Technology

 Securus technology was founded in 1986 with its headquarters in Dallas Texas. For 30 years it has proven relevant and efficient in serving correction facilities and families in 48 states in Canada and United states. It brings the inmates and their families together through communication. Their services are meant to offer adequate communication at affordable costs as well as save the time that is consumed when jail visits are scheduled. It has a 24/7 call center and technical team that is well operational. So far it is one of the largest in the video call industry and has got over 1, 300 associates nationwide.


Securus technology offers affordable first hand voice call services, video call services and email services. Securus video visitation services are convenient as it can be done from once comfort. The individual can pre-schedule their video visitation to match up their time of convenience. Securus have got different phone services that are meant to suite each and every one’s needs. They are namely direct bill, advance connect, traditional collect and inmate debit. These services have different costs and have different benefits but are all affordable. Their mailing services are up-to-date and very efficient. They have no waiting time and can be accessed 24/7. It also got notification for all the received and rejected mails. The jail voicemail service is another service they offer that is meant to serve persons whose schedule cannot match the ones of their loved once. For the last 30 years of service, this company has done an amazing job in connecting families and friends.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.