Marc Sparks-Sparking Social Change With Spark Tank

Marc Sparks, well-known business man, entrepreneur, philanthropist and author of “They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path To Outrageous Success,” started Spark Tank as a means to help the Dallas Fort Worth community to substantially gain social benefits by awarding funding to not for profit groups/organizations. The goal is to help others change the world one community at a time by awarding $5000 grants to one winner out of applicants who apply for the grant.

Sparks has multiple successful businesses, is a venture capitalist and seeks to help other entrepreneurs turn their passions and dreams into reality. He has been involved in the telecommunications industry, including Splash Media, Cardinal Telecom and Blue Jay Wireless. He’s involved in real estate and is founder of the private equity firm, Timber Creek Capital LP.

According to his book at Amazon, 15 years ago, Sparks met Lynne Sipiora and together they took a small shelter located in a rundown house and turned it into a $3000,000 yearly operation that feeds and houses hundreds of people a day. The Samaritan Inn has been helping the homeless and hungry since the late 1980’s.

The two also built the first transitional apartment complex in North Texas as well as opened a prospering thrift store. They also have a $7000,000 shelter for families that is under construction even now.

Sipiora persuaded Marc Sparks on the idea that if they had the funding needed there are countless social service oriented entrepreneurs who think outside of the box with ideas that are creative and passionate who can create extraordinary social success. Hence Spark Tank began.

Applicants have to have no less than two years of history being a 501c3 status and be providing a service to the community. Applicants compete for the $5000 grant by applying online. Each applicant then meets in person with the Spark Tank panel personally where they will give a ten minute presentation and then participate in a 10 minute question and answer period. Read more: Marc Sparks – and Marc Sparks’s Books and Publications Spotlight

Applicants are judged on the need for their program/charity, their ability to measure their charity’s outcome and how well their presentation presents their passion, creativity and desire to make a difference.

Round one includes all those who have applied for the grant, after the first round the field of applicants are narrowed down to three finalists. The winner of the grant is then chosen in the second round.

The most recent three finalists included; House of Eli a group that provides transitional living for boys 17-21 who are coming out of the foster system; Metro Relief which is mobile soup kitchen that goes to those who are homeless and provide food and other things they are in need of to help turn their lives around, and DogsMatter which is a program the gives temporary foster care for addicts and alcoholics pets who are in recovery.

Marc Sparks has taken his faith, focus, passion and desire to make a difference and put it to work helping others to change the community one step at a time.

Achieving Bigger Smiles With Evolution of Smooth

A good lip balm product is an essential to keep on hand. Anyone can use it, in their purse, in their bathroom cabinet, or just on hand in the pocket. Lip balm products protect the lips from harsh dryness in the winter and the summer. They seal in moisture, prevent chapping, and leave the lips smooth and comfortable for effortless smiling.
One of the best lip balms harnesses the power of nature to impart softness and smoothness without the use of chemical additives or harsh ingredients. Some balms contain chemical ingredients that can cause irritation to the skin, making it risky to buy something off the shelf. Evolution of Smooth products are dermatologist tested and recommended as well as hypoallergenic, making them suitable for the most sensitive of skin. EOS products are sold on local stores like Target, and can also be purchased via the Amazon online store.

The base ingredients in these balms include Jojoba oil, Shea butter, and other natural extracts and vitamins including the skin essential Vitamin E. Shea, Jojoba, and Vitamin E are all skin soothing ingredients found in nature, and are perfectly suitable for human consumption. These ingredients are safe to use in and around the mouth.

Additional ingredients include extracts and flavors used to create the delicious smelling and light tasting balms. Blackberry Nectar, Coconut Milk and Vanilla Mint are just a few of the delicious flavors. Some of the pods are even made with a nice shimmer for a hint of dazzle. Others contain added SPF, great for any athlete who spends time in the sun and wants to protect their lips from UVB and UVA rays.

With all of these great aspects to EOS balms it is hard to imagine grabbing anything else off of the shelf. EOS products work double time to make everyone who wears them smile bigger and laugh a little longer.

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Find Fulfillment

Kabbalah, an ancient concept that deals with finding out what makes us happy and
fulfilled in life. Kabbalah teaches that we all have a unique purpose in life and
that the very meaning of life is up to each individual to find for themselves. By
learning the power of the human spirit one can find balance and reward during time
spent in the world as we know it. Kabbalah allows one to learn the secrets of being
which we all want to know. All a person needs to get started is the willingness to
improve upon oneself.

Maybe wealth is one’s desire. It could also be knowledge. Many people desire good relationships.The idea behind it is figuring out why the higher power whoever it may be has put us on this planet. If an individual knows their purpose they have unlimited potential. By subscribing to this belief one can unlock the power within. Anybody can have great success in achieving what they desire, it is all a matter of understanding how the physical and spiritual worlds work. To be indiscriminate of race or religion The Kabbalah Centre offers all that is needed in discovering and unlocking this power.

There is much to learn about Kabbalah. It can all be learned by using the resources
available at That Kabbalah Centre. They offer a few ways of accessing their knowledge.
The Kabbalah Centre has locations in forty cities. They also offer online studies
through Kabbalah University for a small monthly subscription fee. Books are another
great way to learn about the ancient wisdom that Kabbalah has to offer. The Kabbalah
Centre has an online bookstore with new books published every year in many different
international languages.

Since being founded by Rav Yehuda Ashlag in 1922 The Kabbalah Centre has locations all
around the world in pretty much every continent other than Antarctica. From the
Kabbalah Centre website it can be found where these locations are in exact. There is a
bookstore on the website as well as enrollment for Kabbalah University.

More information for the Kabbalah Centre:


IAP Men & Women Showcase As Leading Professionals In Security

IAP Worldwide has been featured in a PRN News article for the brave men and women that are proudly serving across the global to ensure security. Millions of people all around the world are affected by natural disaster or acts of terrorism that may require a small army or a strong structure in a small community. IAP strives to serve the needs of the community and meet security demands in a matter of minutes. PRN News was glad to report that they are there in a moments notice when you need them. These brave men and women fight to protect national and global security.

Nobody can determine when every disaster will occur and this is when IAP is strong enough to respond to your service requests in a timely manner staying committed to the job until their clients goals have been reached. Unfortunately, they’re are too many casualties each year because IAP Worldwide were not the responsible party involved with securing the matter. They have been proudly serving the globe for over 30 years and started from a group of like minded businesses that wanted to make a difference. Visit the official IAP Worldwide website for more details on how to utilize their services today.

Read more:
IAP Worldwide Services Inc Panama City FL, 32405

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. | Company Profile from Hoover’s

They have also done a great job of contracting government vehicles to improve their response time. They government is responsible for protecting lives from all over the world and IAP are the guys for the job. They wake up early every morning with the clients objectives in mind. Your mission is their number one objective until the task is complete. These brave men and women fight for national and global security. Many will agree, IAP Worldwide are the guys that can meet your security clearance needs.You can rest assured they have the skill set to tackle the tough issues that

Don’t waste your time with other organized security teams that aren’t backed with the tools, equipment, and skills of IAP. They are there if and when you need someone to be a structured force in a tough situations that affect mankind every day. There is a force out there that is tough enough to handle what you’re going through with the right force to back you every step of the way. Hire the professionals when you need proven results that even the government can rely on. Visit IAP Worldwide for more details on how to thrive.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide:

The world of Andy Wirth

Born on July 25, 1963, in Neubrucke, Germany, Andy had a humble and noble upbringing. His grandfather Conrad Wirth was the United States National Park Service director thus his family was well off financially. He was a kind and conscientious kid who was highly reliable among his peers. He had an aesthetic appreciation for others hence usually placed other people’s needs in front of his.

Andy Wirth was a person who valued knowledge and competence hence attended Colorado State University where he advanced with a Bachelor of Science degree; he later joined Edinburg University to further his studies in this competitive world.  Learn more about Andy Wirth:

With an unwavering sense of responsibility and duty, Andy worked at Rocky Mountain National Park as a backcountry ranger, at San Pedro Park as a wilderness ranger and also at Hot Shot Land Fire Crew in Northern Mexico.

Andy Wirth then began a career at Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation in 1986. His strong personality and drive to achieve more made him rise up in the ranks of the company (mostly in the marketing department). He operated there for more than 20 years before the company was purchased by Intrawest.

The management quickly realized his potential and made him the Chief Marketing Officer. He also became the executive vice president of sales and marketing where he managed both domestic and global market strategies. He worked there until 2010.

It became evident that Andy Wirth was a natural leader and Squad Valley offered him a top managerial position. Cushing family had been managing the company for the past 16years before they passed it to Andy Wirth.

Andy immediately embarked on a $70 million upgrade of the company hence bringing it on level par with fellow competing skiing areas. Andy’s impact was felt a year later when the resort was named amongst the top 20% of the skiing industry. Squaw Valley later merged with Alphine Meadows Ski Resort with Andy being the CEO of both.

The managerial job does not stop Andy from focusing on philanthropy; he has contributed to the communal and environmental service at Lake Tahoe and its surroundings.